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Does Threads Compete with X? The Data Says…

It’s critical to note that third-party app data providers often do not get full access to all the information from apps, so the numbers they provide may not always be completely accurate.

Nevertheless, even if this serves as an indication, it remains a significant transformation.

So, what’s it all about?

According to the data Apptopia provided, Threads is outperforming X in daily active users in the US market, thanks to a continuous rise in daily active users.

According to Business Insider:

“So far in April, Threads has averaged an estimated 28 million daily active users, so people who have opened the app at least once in a 24-hour period […] X has averaged 22 million DAUs, a usage rate that’s 21% lower than Threads.”

To be clear, the U.S. market is the focus of this data. X claims to have over 250 million active users worldwide, with significant viewership in multiple other areas. But these numbers indicate that Meta’s effort to build a Twitter clone is becoming more and more popular, which might mean trouble for X down the road.

While the information about X is somewhat positive, Apptopia also states that although the number of X’s daily active users has remained steady, it has increased since December, when X’s U.S. DAUs dropped to about 17 million.

Threads has more users than X, According to Data | DMC

So maybe X is now stabilizing at a higher level, after the disruption caused by Musk’s various changes at the app. But even so, Threads may well be poised to take over. And while this is U.S. only, that could also point to expanded opportunities in other regions as well.

Perhaps X is reaching a new equilibrium at a heightened level following Musk’s numerous alterations to the application. Despite this, Threads could still be in a position to dominate. And although this is limited to the U.S., it could also indicate increased possibilities in other areas too.

Meta leadership has repeatedly expressed their confidence in Threads’ ability to evolve into a platform with billions of users, despite the app’s slow growth after its initial rapid launch. Threads quickly reached 100 million users with the help of Instagram and is now at 130 million monthly active users, as reported by Meta’s latest update.

For reference, X states it has 550 monthly active users, meaning Threads still has a lot of ground to cover in surpassing the former Bird app.

However, Meta could be heading in the right direction with its emphasis on improving user experience, potentially leading it to surpass X as the preferred real-time social platform for most users. The fact that it doesn’t embrace real-time content could be a hindrance, along with its reluctance to address political issues.

Despite this possibility, Meta may be headed in the right direction, and Threads is becoming a more appealing platform for a larger audience.

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