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TikTok Shares a Listing of Some of the Most Popular Products Promoted on the Platform in 2021

In case you’re seeking gift inspiration for the young hipsters in your life, this is your lucky day! TikTok’s today published a listing of some of the most popular products on the social media platform over the last year, which was featured in different #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trends.

TikTok’s Listing:

In light of this matter, TikTok explains:

“When the TikTok community comes together, they move culture – and commerce – in powerful ways, and the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt phenomenon is a prime example. Products they rave about become cultural sensations, inspiring people on and off TikTok to try, buy, and share with their networks, leading to massive consumer demand, out-of-stock shelves, and months-long waitlists for products.”

Moreover, TikTok’s listing, which has its own mini-site, features 23 products, ranging from clothing to food to make-up, which TikTokers were enamored with throughout the year.

TikTok's Listing of The Most Popular Products 2021 | DMC

As shown above, all products include a brief overview, and that points to the leading platform influencers who shared clips about it. Tapping on the “Learn More” prompt then takes you through to a product page on the respective business’ website.

However, weren’t sure if this is a paid promotional push, in partnership with these brands, or if TikTok’s just trying to get in good favor with them by showcasing their offerings.

Well, either way, it provides some crucial insights into what TikTok users are engaging with, and of course, this could help to guide your own promotional strategy.

TikTok's Listing of The Most Popular Products 2021 | DMC

On the other side, it may help highlight relevant influencers that you could also consider working with. For instance, if you sell leggings, you might want to check out Hannah Schlenker’s TikTok feed and take a look at what sorts of products she’s promoting, and the way she’s promoting them, for further campaign ideas.

In this sense, TikTok’s listing is also a guide as to what works on TikTok and what resonates with users, which could have some value in your planning.

But, you might also need just gift ideas, so you can check out TikTok’s 2021 Gift Guide here.

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