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New Report From TikTok on How Families are Connecting via TikTok Clips

TikTok has published a new report that looks at how families connect via TikTok clips, also, how TikTok holds appeal to all ages, who are engaging via #FamilyTok and related hashtags.

In light of this, Tiktok explains: “From endearing toddlers with big attitudes to grandmas with hilarious one-liners, TikTok transcends generations and brings families together to create, have fun, and be entertained. To recognize this unique community of creators, today we’re introducing ‘TikTok Runs In The Family’, a report that explores popular creators, videos, hashtags, and trends from this year that helped families grow more connected, laugh uncontrollably, and find a second family through the TikTok community.”

Check TikTok's New Report "TikTok Runs in The Family" | DMC

TikTok’s New Report in 2022:

Actually, “Second Family” might be pushing it, however, the idea of the report is to highlight how a wide range of people can find entertaining, participatory trends for them, also, underline that TikTok isn’t just for young audiences.

And this can be a risky proposition. Both Facebook, and now Instagram, have already lost some of their youth appeal over time because of the expanded adoption by older users, which has brought their relatives, as well as other connections, into their broader networks, thereby lessening the cool factor, and posting freedom, in each.

Moreover, TikTok’s still a long way off that, and really, all apps that look forward to maximizing usage need to make that trade-off at some stage. And ultimately, having more users is a better problem to have in the long run.

TikTok’s new report, highlights trending memes, creators, and branded content partnership among family creators, with key hashtags and usage insights.

Check TikTok's New Report "TikTok Runs in The Family" | DMC

Not only that but also TikTok’s new report looks at effects that are commonly used among these communities:

Check TikTok's New Report "TikTok Runs in The Family" | DMC

Also, a broader analysis of the rising popularity of some of the most popular trends and tags in the genre:

If you can call it a genre. Moreover, the wider focus here is basically on content that relates to families, which includes parenting, siblings, family relationships, couples, etc.
Also, that covers a wide broad spectrum of different content trends and types, so as much as TikTok looks to highlight the diversity of its creators, and its broader appeal, the links back to the core “families” trend can e pretty thin.

We can see that there is a lot of interesting, and relevant trend info to take in, which could provide more insight into the popularity of key trends, and may open your eyes to aspects of the TikTok community that you didn’t even know existed.

Make sure to download TikTok’s new report “TikTok Runs in the Family” here.

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