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Twitter Is Considering Opening Applications for Profile Verification

There is a new option from Twitter will soon enable users to apply for their twitter profile verification from their account settings, this is based on a new discovery by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchum.

In light of that matter, this actually is two-sided, it can make many Twitter users extremely happy, or equally lead to more and more confusion. Simply, it depends on how it is established.

Twitter Profile Verification Could Be Back on Twitter 2020 | DMC

Twitter Profile Verification

According to Twitter, it shut down the option for users to apply their Twitter profile verification and gain the prestigious blue tick, however, that was back in November 2017 and right after confusion over how the verification tick was being applied, with some regions, moreover, individuals, Twitter employees, apparently approving people based on different classification.

Twitter Profile Verification Could Be Back on Twitter 2020 | DMC

However, Twitter hasn’t actually provided any updated news on the Twitter profile verification since that time, even though it has repeatedly noted that it is working on the new system. Not also that bt, Twitter continued to verify some accounts on the platform, however, not via user applications.

On the other hand, recently, Twitter used the verification tick to highlight authoritative voices that are related to COVID-19, anyhow, that was managed but internally and not open for public requests.

Back in 2016, all Twitter users were allowed to apply for the profile verification, however, if you try to do this now, the note below will come in your way:

Twitter Profile Verification Could Be Back on Twitter 2020 | DMC

Back in July 2018, as reported by Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour, even though the work had been done on fixing the verification process, it was not a priority, and also it was some way off being re-launched.

Part of the problem with the Twitter profile verification was that it apparently implied that Twitter endorsed any account with a blue tick.

Anyhow, in 2017, the profile of a white supremacist leader was verified regardless of that around the same time, promising to take more action against hate speech. That’s what prompted the initial pause on verification. Obviously, the confusion here was that some in the social media platform Twitter saw the profile verification tick as a basic mark of ID confirmation, on the other side, others felt it should be kept for approved public figures only.

It should be mentioned that there are only 356,000 people currently holding the blue tick, however, Twitter is able to review all of these verified profiles and the blue tick away from those who are no longer usable.

Moreover, if Twitter approached towards making it more of an official ID confirmation that could help to provide more accountability, with users incapable of hiding behind just a basic account.

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