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YouTube Is Testing a New AI Ideas Generator for Clips in a Live Trial

YouTube has started a live trial of its newest generative AI feature, making its content inspiration tool accessible to certain YouTube Studio users.

YouTube has been testing the feature internally for a while now, with the platform’s Chief Product Officer, Johanna Voolich, offering more details on the process last month. Simply put, the program helps with the ideation process for your next video by analyzing user activities and offering suggestions and guidance.

Check YouTube's Newest Generative AI Feature in 2024 | DMC

YouTube’s Generative AI Feature:

You might ask to have that as the theme if you would like to create a video showing off your travels in Portugal. Along with suggesting related videos and possible themes, the system also offers the ability to download a content synopsis. According to YouTube, the tool will help creators discover subjects that their viewers are interested in seeing more of and offer fresh viewpoints for original ideas.

If this is taken from current content, the worry is that most advice will be unoriginal since it only reflects what is already popular, not what will be popular next. This could result in a significant amount of identical material. However, capitalizing on current trends can also increase interest and interaction.

By connecting with user behavior in this way, these tips may hold value. The only way to discover it is to directly investigate it. YouTube has announced that the feature is currently accessible to a limited selection of channels that produce videos in English but will become more widely available in the near future.

What do you think about this generative AI feature? I think we’ll know soon…

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