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Account-based marketing offers many promises around customer growth and retention. While it is not a new concept, both data-driven marketing approaches and new marketing tools have given the account based marketing a resurgence of late, making it a practical approach for any sized organization to be successful. These require a solid data foundation in order the most success through a focus on the right accounts account-based marketing programs are made up of a series of steps that require alignment and collaboration between marketing and sales. Target account selection should be thoughtful and meaningful, not random or based on wishful thinking. Knowing your market at a detailed segment level is an essential first step in that selection. Once you know the attributes of your strong and weak segments, you can start to make data-backed business decisions as to where to focus your account-based marketing efforts.

The Key Findings of The “Account-Based Benchmark 2019” Report:

  • Coordinated programs across marketing, sales dev, and sales are the most important factor of account-based marketing success with a rate of 53%.
  • The scalable approach across a broad account list is the biggest challenge of starting, continuing, or scaling account-based initiatives with a rate of 38%.
  • Account-based marketing budgets are rapidly expanding, with companies increasing spend by 41% in 2019.
  • Surveyed top-performing account based organizations have a dedicated account based leader with a rate of 69%.
  • Marketing groups are included in the account based program execution with a rate of 88%.
  • Organizations with a strong ideal customer profile (ICP) are achieving higher account win rates of 68%.
  • SDR outbound is the most used tactic for account-based efforts with a rate of 87%.
  • Events and digital advertising comprise 62% of account based spend.
What are the biggest challenges to starting, continuing, or scaling your account based initiatives 2019

A Graph Shows The Challenges of Starting, Continuing, or Scaling Account-Based Initiatives, 2019.

The Content of The”Account-Based Benchmark 2019” Report:

  • Survey Overview.
  • Demographics.
  • Introduction and Takeaways.
  • Market Overview.
  • Strategy.
  • Metrics.
  • Organizational Design.
  • Process.
  • Tactics.
  • Guidance.
  • About TOPO.

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Data were driven from 164 respondents with a number of surveyed data points of 96 in the last quarter of 2018. TOPO studied the strategies of account based organizations. Specifically, this research focused on identifying the tactics, budgets, resources, and results of these organizations, and captured insights organizations can leverage to develop and/or improve their account based initiatives.


TOPO is an analyst firm that helps sales and marketing organizations grow revenues in a scalable, repeatable manner. They do this by helping demand generation, sales development, and sales organizations adopt the patterns, plays, and behaviors that drive exceptional revenue growth. The foundation of business is their "high growth dataset" insights and data collected from the world's best sales and marketing organizations.

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