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Do you know how frequently do consumers in Asia Pacific visit travel sites? How long do the visits last? and Where do heavy users of travel services go online? All these questions and more have been answered in the Comscore’s travel report that focuses on the behavioural patterns of consumers who visit travel sites online in the APAC region.

A Snapshot of the Travel Behaviour of the APAC Consumers :

  • In Feb. 2018, a total of 275 million individuals in China accessed a travel site or app which is more than the rest of the APAC countries combined.
  • Mobile-only consumers are more likely than others to access travel sites.
  • In India, online heavy users represent 20% of the online travel audience but 79% of the total time spent on the sites.
The Total Digital Population Vs. Travel Sites Audiences in APAC, 2018

A Figure Shows the Total Digital Population Vs. Travel Sites Audiences in APAC, 2018

Content of the “APAC Travel Report, 2018“:

  • Introduction.
  • How consumers access travel sites.
  • Composition of the travel industry’s online footprint.
  • The profile of travel website visitors.
  • Information-gathering behaviour.
  • Seasonality of online travel agents visits.
  • Heavy users of online travel websites.

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All data in this report comes from the comScore audience measurement tools. comScore limited the analysis to individuals with age 18 and above in the following countries: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

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