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Ramadan the holy month celebrated by around 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. For app marketers, Ramadan presents thousands of opportunities to catch the attention of high-value users hungry for gifts, travel, recipes, videos, religious content, and much more.

The holy Islamic month of Ramadan plays a very significant role in the lives of people in the Southeast Asia region. This also has an effect on how and when they do their shopping, especially on mobile. The mobile attribution and marketing analytics company advised mobile marketers to secure a better understanding of the context and activity for each time in the day, as well as periodic user behavior unique to this period.

Key Findings of Ramadan in Southeast Asia: App Market Insights Report 2019 :

  • Finance applications category average installs YOY growth rate in 2018 is 138%, compared to 65% in 2017.
  • Indonesia average installs per application YOY growth rate in 2018 is 19.3%, compared to 6.1% in 2017.
  • The weekly revenue YOY growth in the shopping category in the pre-Ramadan week in 2018 is 55%.
  • Organic retention of gaming casual apps in day 1 in Ramadan is 30.7%, compared to 2.7% in the day 30 in Ramadan.
  • Non-organic retention of shopping applications in day 1 in Ramadan is 24.3%, compared to 3.8% in day 30 in Ramadan.
Avg installs per app by category 2018

A Graph Shows The YOY Growth Rate of The Average Installs Per-App By its Category, 2018.

What’s in “Ramadan in Southeast Asia: App Market Insights Report 2019” Report:

  • Introduction.
  • Key findings.
  • App categories.
  • Customer spotlight with Dyah Wulandari, VP performance Marketing at
  • Ramadan: A day in the life.
  • Conclusion.

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Data is based on an analysis of mobile apps usage in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, with a total of 220 million apps’ installs,  100 million mobile purchases, 160 million apps’ opens, and 120 thousand social shares during Ramadan of 2016, 2017 and 2018.


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