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Consumer Survey on Cybersecurity and Digital Trust: US Report, 2017 | Accenture

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How concerned are consumers in the US about cybersecurity and privacy risks in terms of healthcare data? Do they believe companies and the government are doing enough to protect their personal healthcare information? Do they feel they are in control of their digital healthcare data secure? And what does it take to win their trust? All these are questions reflects the key findings revealed in the Accenture Consulting study. So, let’s take a sneak peek at the top line findings:

  • In general, consumers in the US trust their physicians, pharmacies, hospitals they visit or health insurance company more than the government to keep their digital healthcare data secure.
  • The majority of US consumers are very or somewhat confident in the digital data security measures taken by their providers (80%) and their health insurance companies (79%).
  • More than a quarter of consumers in the US (26%) claimed that they’ve experienced a breach of their digital healthcare data (9% have experienced it 1 time, 8% two times, and 9% 3-9 times).
  • 74% of those who experienced a breach had some type of medical information breached and 49% had some type of personal information breached.
  • 76% of those who felt the breach managed to handle the issue very or somewhat well.
Survey on Cybersecurity & Digital Trust | Digital Healthcare Data Security

A Graph Shows the Degree of Trust in Organizations to Keep Digital Healthcare Data Secure in the US – 2017


Data were driven from 7,580 consumers, ages 18+ across seven countries: Australia (1,000), Brazil (1,000), England (1,000), Norway (800), Saudi Arabia (850), Singapore (930) and the United States (2,000). The seven-country survey was conducted between November 2016 and January 2017. (The US survey was conducted online between and November 15-28, 2016)


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