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The Digital Marketing Skills Gap in USA, UK & Ireland, 2016 | Digital Marketing Institute

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Digital marketing now is being an integral part of any successful business, but there is a persistent and growing global skills gap that is threatening to undermine future organizational growth.

So, organizations have to improve their digital marketing techniques as effective digital strategies which improve job creation and competence between employers to find digitally skilled individuals.

Here is some information focus on the digital marketing skills gap in the US, UK & Ireland:

  • Digital skills level decreased within 2 years by a rate of 4%.
  • More than half of Irish workers are interested in the digital market but they are not as good as the UK and US.
  • The US has a massive strategy and planning gap, while Ireland comes at last as a country facing troubles with kinds of digital gaps as planning and strategy.
  • In the US and the UK, female digital marketers have higher digital skill levels than their male counterparts,
  • Ireland men are better than women in the field of digital marketing and men still dominate higher jobs with higher salaries.
  • Irish organizations are the leaders in engagement and level of training support by a rate of 40%.
  • The majority of marketing professionals surveyed feel they need to improve their digital marketing skills to remain competitive in their role in the future.
  • 44% of employees in the US, 41% in the UK, and 39% in Ireland aged 50+ are worrying about the safety of their roles in the face of digital innovations.
The Digital Marketing Skills Gap in USA, UK & Ireland. 2016 Digital Marketing Institute

A Figure Shows The Digital Skill Level.

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