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Global Commerce Review: United States, Q1 2018 | Criteo

Consumer Behavior | USA

Shoppers in the US become more active across mobile devices, and they’re buying more on-the-go. Mobile apps play a vital role here, with 70% of mobile sales for retailers who invest in both mobile web and shopping apps goes for mobile apps.

Read the below points and find out more insights into the mobile shopping growth in the United States along with the mobile app shopping growth:

  • Smartphone and tablet sales account for 38% in Q1 2018, compared to 34% in Q1 2017.
  • Mobile sales in the US account for 22.5%, while mobile apps account for 70% of mobile sales.
  • Health/beauty (44%) sporting goods (43%) and fashion/luxury (43%) are the top three retail subcategories with the highest share of mobile sales in the US.
  • In North America, 47% of online transactions occurred using mobile apps, 33% using desktop and 20% using mobile web.
  • In North America, the conversion rate on shopping apps is 20% which is more than 3 times higher than on the mobile web (6%).
Mobile Sales Growth & Mobile Apps Sales in US & North America | Criteo

A Graph Shows the Commerce Sales By Device in the United States – 2018


Data were driven from individual browsing and purchasing data from over 5,000 retailers, in more than 80 countries during Q1 2018.


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