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State of Voice: Adobe Digital Insights 2019

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Innovations in digital marketing move at the speed of light. This makes keeping up with the latest developments a nightmare. The consumers’ use of voice services is on the rise and the proliferation of voice-activated technology is giving new life to audio-based ads, according to a recent study conducted by Adobe.

The study uncovered new insights into the voice assistant experiences, smartphone speaker ownership, some newer voice-based tasks, and more.

The State of Voice Technology Adaption in 2019 Highlights in a Capsule:

  • Ownership & usage of smart speakers is growing, with an increase of 4% points since Aug 2018.
  • AI Voice assistant experiences and results are getting better.
  • Males are much more likely than females to own a smart speaker.
  • 59% of consumers said that they’re using voice assistants more than last year.
  • A 10% YoY increase is being driven by smartphones and smart speakers.
  • 47% of consumers said the voice assistant on their smartphone is the favorite, followed by smart speakers, cars, tablets, laptops, and wearables.
Where Do People Keep Their Voice Assistants? State of Voice Adobe Digital Insights 2019 - Voice Ads Stats - Voice Ads Insights 2019

Where Do People Keep Their Voice Assistants?

What’s in “The State of Voice in 2019” Report:

  • State of Voice: Key Findings
  • Smart Speaker Ownership & Usage Rising
  • Better Voice Assistant Performance Driving Usage
  • Voice Use Cases Explored
  • Methodology and Glossary

Number of Pages:

  • 12 Pages


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1001 U.S. adults aged 18 or older participated in a web survey about their use of voice assistants. All consumers were required to own a smartphone. The survey was conducted between January 28th-31st, 2019.

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