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The Digital Shopper: Insights Into Today’s Most Connected Customers, 2018 | Field Agent

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“Digital Shoppers” are the most connected type of shoppers who purchase “everyday” items like groceries and household consumables online. Such kind of shoppers relies on e-commerce to satisfy many of their daily needs.

Take a sneak peek at the top line findings of the digital shoppers in the US and some other countries:

An Overview of the US Digital Shoppers Attitudes

  • All US digital shoppers buy groceries and household consumables (HG) online, 90% of them also shop for apparel online.
  • 8 out of 10 of US digital shoppers use Amazon to buy household consumables, while 71% use Walmart and 42% use Target.
  • 71% of respondents indicated that they have a standard Amazon prime membership.
  • In terms of device preference, 9 out of 10 use smartphones to purchase groceries/HC, while 68% use laptop computers, and 42% use tablets.

A Comparison Between Digital Shoppers Around the World

  • UK, Australia and Canada hold the highest number of shoppers who purchase online.
  • Amazon is the top online retailer for purchasing groceries and/or household consumables in Canada (77%), Germany (76%), the US (72%) and the UK (55%).
  • 20% of UK shoppers purchase more than half of their groceries & household consumables online, compared with only 11% in Australia, and 6% in both the US and South Africa.
Insights Into the Most Connected Customers in the US, 2018 | Field Agent

A Graph Shows the Top Online Retailers & Product Categories That US Online Shoppers Have Subscriptions in 2018


Data were driven from 9,088 US adults. The survey was conducted in March 2018.

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