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The State of the Blocked Web in 2017 | PageFair

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Ad-blocking is motivated primarily by user experience issues (page speed, data usage) rather than by consumer ad-aversion, and avoidance is the core issue for most ad-blockers, ad-block usage is now mainstream across all ages, ad-block users prefer standard display ads.

The only solution to ad-block is fixing the problems that led people to block ads in the first place, check the below findings which include the results, about ad-block users:

  • In December 2016 there were over 600 million devices running ad-block software globally.
  • 11% of the global internet population is blocking ads on the web.
  • Ad-block usage grew 30% globally in 2016.
  • Most ad-blocker usage is on laptops (68%) and desktop computers (51%).
  • Mobile ad-block usage grew by 108 million to reach 380 million devices.
  • Desktop ad-block usage grew by 34 million to reach 236 million devices.
  • 40% installed ad-block on laptops, 15% on mobile.
  • Ad-blocking skews much more heavily male (58%) than female (42%).
  • 94% of global mobile ad-block usage is in Asia-Pacific, while 68% of desktop ad-block usage is in North America and Europe.
  • 74% of American ad-block users say they leave sites with ad Block walls.
  • 47% of smartphone owners prefer to block all ads completely on their mobile device.
The Percentage of Users That Leaves Websites When They Found an AdBlock Wall.

A Graph Shows The Percentage of Users That Leaves Websites When They Found an AdBlock Wall.


Data were driven from a sample of over 350,000 internet users aged 16-64.

PageFair Adblock Analytics

PageFair is effective software that is a Self-service platform for Adblock measurement. It is considered to be The Most Installed and Trusted Adblock Analytics in the Digital Marketing and Social Media Industry. PageFair’s mission is to sustain the open web by re-establishing a fair deal between users and content creators.


  1. PageFair solves problems for users, publishers, and advertisers.
  2. PageFair improves UX by removing clutter, speeding up page load time, respecting user privacy, and guaranteeing security.
  3. PageFair gives publishers the ability to sell a new premium segment and leverage first-party data.
  4. It also enables publishers to offer a 100% human audience because adfraud bots do not use Adblock.
  5. PageFair is “Verified by TAG” and approved for listing in the TAG Registry of known and trusted players in the digital ad ecosystem.

Services & Features:

  • PageFair Adblock Analytics:
-PageFair Analytics is used by thousands of publishers for free, and measures over 12 billion page views per month.-Rapidly diagnoses your Adblocked traffic.-Massive scale: measures 60 billion pageviews per month.-Designed by the Adblock research leaders.


This tool is a Free to use solution.


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