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Voice Search: The Trends to Know, 2018 | GlobalWebIndex

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Voice technology is one of the most attention-grabbing trends of late. It’s most popular in the Asia Pacific and it’s becoming clear that this is a trend which has the potential to reshape entire industry landscapes. Be in the Know of who is using voice technology across devices and on smart speakers, and cut through the noise:

Attitudes of Mobile Voice Users:

  • In general, 37% of respondents indicated that they use voice assistant, 27% of them use it via mobile devices, and 13% use it via PC/Laptops.
  • 88% of mobile voice users use the internet as their first place to find information.
  • 69% of them are constantly connected online.
  • 65% indicated that having the latest technological products is very important to them.
  • 62% said that they feel more insecure without their mobile phones than their wallets.

Demographics of Mobile Voice Users:

  • The vast majority of mobile voice users (66%) fall within the 16-34 age bracket.
  • Males are more likely to use mobile voice than females (28% vs. 26%).
  • The higher income group is notably more likely to have used a voice command tool on mobile then lower ones.
Voice Search: The Trends to Know, 2018 | GlobalWebIndex 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Use of Voice Search By Device in 2018


Data were driven from a global sample size of 109,780 across 42 countries (with 90,021 surveys completed on PC/laptop/tablet and 19,759 surveys completed on mobile).


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