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Data Management Data Management Platform (DMP) is considered to be one of the smartest Data Management tools, products, and software services of the software company. is considered to be one of the most popular software companies that developed a great set of digital marketing, social media, e-commerce, retail, and data management tools, products, and solutions, which help all marketers, advertisers, retailers, businesses, brands, and all people who work in the digital marketing industry to do their job successfully.

It is also is one of the world’s largest data providers. Its DMP is integrated with the global DSPs, such as Oracle, DoubleClick or Adform, so you can run campaigns to customers from all around the world.

Data Management Platform (DMP) is a tech platform used for collecting and managing data from various sources, mainly for digital marketing purposes. It helps marketers to create audience segments that are used for precise targeting in online campaigns.

On this front, it is also should be pointed out that DMP enables all users to process all the data they collect, from both offline and online sources. It means, that on DMP they can store all their 1st party data – collected by their company itself, i.e. website data, mobile application data, and CRM data.

In the coming paragraph, we will showcase all the main information about Data Management Platform, including benefits of using this solution, its features and services, and the product’s pricing listing.


  • Data Management Platform allows you to easily collect data from your own sources and from your business partners. Everything you need to do is to implement pixels. Rest is done automatically by powerful DMP engine.
  •  Through events and attributes, you can collect data about users activity. The DMP offers an unlimited number of those enabling to collect as much data as you need to achieve your business goals.
  • A strong benefit of a data management platform is getting access to our 3rd party data – information about internet users from 200 markets worldwide. It is a great opportunity to find new markets for your product by using over 21 B high-quality user profiles that include general interest, purchase intentions and demographic data.
  • If you do not have enough data about your audience, you can’t design an adequate customer journey. The DMP brings to light information about audience composition. It reveals knowledge about your visitors – their interests, purchase intentions, and demography.
  • DMP can help you enrich your CRM system using data about internet users from all around the world to get 360-degree customer view. By using Big Data analytics and Machine Learning algorithms, the data about your customers are connected to the external database that includes information about users from all around the world.
  •  Machines are matching the user profiles and filling the gaps in your customers’ profiles, such as interests, purchase intentions, age or income. They are creating a 360-degree customer, which helps you deliver more relevant messages to your customers and run more effective campaigns.
  • DMP allows you to store and manage all the data you collect. It enables to target your specific audience group, i.e. people who visited your product site and are interested in modern design.
  •  Mix Events & Attributes through AND, OR, NOT logical operators, define a number of occurrences and data validity. Mixed all together makes a powerful tool for you and all the data is held in DMP heart.
  • An additional, but the strong benefit of a DMP is that the platform helps you to comply with GDPR regulations. All data is stored on one platform, so it is easy to manage your customers’ data.
  •  The information you collect is automatically subjected to anonymization process – use an alphanumeric identifier for every device about which we store data. That makes personal data you possess non-personally identifiable.

What is Data Management Platform

Features & Services:

  • Collecting data
  • Integrating data
    Managing data
  • Activating data
  • Analyzing and reporting
  • Pre-campaign analysis
  • Analysis during the campaign
  • Post-campaign analysis

Audience Report


The Software Company does not provide the pricing listing of its products; if you need to try the Data Management Platform tool you should contact the company’s sales team here.

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