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Artificial Intelligence

phrasee uses Natural Language algorithms to generate millions of variations of copy at the touch of a button. The software analyzes all the marketing copy you’ve used over the last few months to get a feel of your brand voice and the language that resonates with your audience.

The NLG technology from phrasee can produce push alerts, email body copy, subject lines, and other types of marketing material for digital marketing campaigns, with the use of algorithms, Phrasee’s NLG technology analyses a lot of data, including consumer behavior, previous campaign results, and market trends, to produce marketing language that appeals to the target demographic.

Phrasee creates numerous text versions and tests them to find the most effective words that will increase engagement and conversion rates.

The Benefits of Using phrasee:

  • Generate, optimize, automate, and analyze messages in real-time with phrasee
  • Understand what language resonates with your customers
  • Seamlessly push AI-generated content into your existing tech stack
  • The definitive AI-powered metric for email marketers
  • Optimize subject lines, in body copy, and calls to action
  • Generate performance-optimized push notifications
  • Convert more customers and boosts revenue
  • Drive engagement with new and existing customers

The Top Features of phrasee:

  • Powerful AI
  • Insights
  • Integrations
  • phrasee score
  • Email
  • Push Notifications
  • Web & App
  • SMS

phrasee’s pricing:

  • Free to try (demo)

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