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Transforming the way you write.

Artificial Intelligence

Stuck in a rut of repetitive phrasing? Plagued by the fear of plagiarism? QuillBot enters the scene, an AI-powered rewrite companion ready to transform your text with a magic touch.

QuillBot awaits, eager to be your AI-powered language companion. Whether you’re a student conquering essays, a writer seeking fresh perspectives, or a professional enhancing your communication, it has the tools and AI magic to elevate your writing and ensure your message is heard loud and clear.

Take the first step, try the free plan, and experience the transformative power of rewriting with QuillBot.

Ditch the thesaurus and let’s explore the wonders of QuillBot:

The Benefits of QuillBot:

  • Paraphrase Powerhouse: Say goodbye to repetitive sentences and predictable wording. QuillBot rewrites your text into unique and engaging phrasings, breathing new life into your writing.
  • Plagiarism Protector: Write with originality and peace of mind. QuillBot analyzes your text for potential plagiarism risks, ensuring your work is authentic and academically safe.
  • Clarity Crafter: Polish your prose with precision. QuillBot improves sentence structure, eliminates fluff, and enhances your message’s clarity, ensuring it shines through.
  • Tone Tailor: Match your message to your audience. QuillBot adjusts the style and tone of your writing, whether it’s formal, casual, humorous, or something in between, resonating with your readers.
  • Multilingual Magic: Break down communication barriers. QuillBot rewrites text in over 100 languages, expanding your reach and connecting with a global audience.

The Top Features of QuillBot:

  • Multiple Paraphrase Modes: Choose the perfect fit! QuillBot offers different modes like Standard, Fluency, and Creative, ensuring the rewrite matches your desired level of accuracy and originality.
  • Synonyms & Thesaurus: Expand your vocabulary with ease. QuillBot suggests synonyms and alternative wordings in real time, enriching your writing and fostering linguistic discovery.
  • Citation Generator: Simplify referencing. QuillBot automatically generates citations in various styles, saving you time and ensuring academic accuracy.
  • Grammar & Spell Check: Polish your text seamlessly. QuillBot catches typos and grammatical errors, ensuring your writing is both clear and polished.
  • Summarizer Tool: Condense information with clarity. QuillBot extracts key points and generates concise summaries of your text, ideal for research and studying.


  • Free Plan: Try the magic firsthand! Enjoy limited access to paraphrasing modes, a daily word limit, and basic features, perfect for occasional users and curious minds.
  • Essential Plan: Level up your rewriting game! For $4.95 per month, unlock unlimited paraphrases, synonyms, thesaurus, and additional modes like Creative, ideal for students, writers, and academics.
  • Pro Plan: Unleash the full potential! This plan removes all limits, offering all Essential features plus citation generation, grammar and spell check, and priority support, perfect for professionals, content creators, and agencies.
  • Business Plan: Tailor-made for your team’s needs. Contact QuillBot for a customized plan with advanced features, team billing, and dedicated account management, ideal for businesses and organizations.

Ready to ditch the writing rut and embrace a world of effortless paraphrasing and rewriting?

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without prior notice. So, please check the original link for the latest pricing information.

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