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How Can You Connect With Your Audience Through Social Media? (5 Tips)

Social Media Marketing | Jun 24, 2019

Although you may believe that setting up a page and profile for your business is enough to attract new customers on social media, being proactive on websites such as Twitter and Facebook will help you to communicate your brand to your audience and encourage new visitors to interact with your business.

Find out some social media marketing tips that help you enhance your business:

Create a Brand Voice

One of the most important ways in which you can connect with your audience on social media is by defining your brand voice. To do this, you should isolate your target audience and cater to your brand’s voice towards their age group and interests. For instance, young students are more likely to be engaged through a lively and entertaining voice that keeps up with the latest trends, whereas older professionals may want to invest in companies that are formal and promote their professionalism at all times. By creating the right brand voice, you can help your audience to approach and interact with you by showing that you understand them.

Creating a brand voice is also vital for network marketing, and you should consider this style of selling your products if you want to use social media to increase your direct sales from person to person contact. If you are struggling with any aspect of network marketing, you should consider attending an event run by Toni Vans, or hiring them as a speaker at your own event as they can advise you on how best to use social network marketing to connect with your audience.

Run Competitions

Running competitions is one of the most popular ways to encourage your target audience to interact with you and widen your brand’s reach. To set up a competition that will target your audience, you should advertise a giveaway that includes some of the products that best connect with your target audience, and you should make sure that one of the terms of your competition includes sharing your competition post to enter. You could also ask entrants to repost your original post on their social media pages or stories for an additional entry. Your followers are likely to have like-minded friends and family who could be interested in your products, and competitions help you to reach these individuals and create a buzz around your company.

Share Your Content

If you run a blog or create video content, you can use your social media platforms to share and broadcast your content. This will help to increase the traffic to your website and the number of views that your content receives. Not only this, but this will help you to connect with your target audience as this will increase the number of people interested in your brand the promotional products that you sell, as well as driving people to your website.

Use Unique Hashtags

Another way to connect with followers is by creating unique hashtags that can help your company to trend. If this is successful and your company starts trending, you will be able to widen your reach and ensure that you connect with more of your target audience who will become interested in your brand.

Encourage Interaction

It is also important to encourage interaction on your social media posts. When you write a post, you should instruct your target audience to comment and share your posts widely. Commenting on your posts can help your target audience to feel more of a connection to your brand and can present your company as friendly and interactive with its target audience.


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