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What You Must Need To Know About Common Ecommerce SEO Mistakes With Solutions

E-Commerce & Retail | Mar 12, 2023

We all make some mistakes, but most of the time, these errors would be minor and insignificant, serving as learning opportunities. However, some eCommerce SEO errors will severely impact your company and must be avoided at all costs. The most prevalent SEO mistakes we’ve noticed in eCommerce sites are listed here, along with advice on correcting them or avoiding them in the future.

Not Paying Attention To Your Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

The Page Title and Meta Description are two of the most significant on-page components within your control. When someone searches, these are the things you want search engines to show them. It is always advised that you develop a special Page Title and Meta Description for each page on your website as a best practice.

Of course, this can appear hard if your eCommerce site is really large. Using a single, general Meta description for the entire website and reusing the H1 as the Page Title is a common solution used by many websites to get around this issue. Even though this may appear to address the issue, this method has numerous drawbacks.

  • How to Solve & Prevent:

Everyone on your team who can change content should be given the best practices with the help of your team. Whether they are a C-suite executive or an intern makes no difference. These straightforward recommended practices must be known by anybody who can add, edit, or otherwise change content on your website. Website plays an important role in the customer’s point of view, and most of the mistakes arrive while browsing the site here. If you have started your new business, then you take the help of Guide to develop a profitable ECommerce Solution

Lack of Content

It relates to the problem with duplicate content mentioned, and it’s crucial to realize that having no content is just as harmful as having duplicate content. Ensure each of your key pages has enough content to inform search engine crawlers about the page’s subject while developing an SEO-friendly website. Only having images and videos is insufficient to get high ranks.

  • How to Solve & Prevent:

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to instantly add original content to a page without putting in the time to write the content. The approach is similar to what we stated for duplicate content; you must explain your product or service with as much information as possible without repeating yourself or utilizing exactly the same stuff that other websites have.

Poor URL optimization

The inclusion of keywords in URLs is considered to be a crucial ranking indication by top SEO firms. It aids in understanding the page’s content in both search engines and users. Although most CMS generate URLs automatically, you should modify them as necessary to incorporate the primary and maybe secondary keywords. Your product page URLs should be concise and descriptive, with a clear hierarchy between directories and the final page.

  • How to Solve & Prevent:

It mostly depends on your e-commerce software’s capabilities. You should speak with your team about altering your URL structure and improving the URL’s search engine optimization. Remember that you must set 301 redirects for any changes you make to the page’s address so that Google can pick up on the change without affecting your rankings or any inbound links.

Lack of a Responsive or Mobile-Friendly Website

Uncertain about your website’s mobile friendliness? Check your website on your phone by taking it out of your pocket. Browse the site, add items to your shopping basket, and visit the key pages you want visitors to see. Do the same thing now on a tablet. How does your website seem on various platforms? And how does an eCommerce website design plays an important role in the perfect eCommerce website development for your business? 

You should consider these issues carefully for SEO. In our mobile culture, searches are already conducted on mobile devices more frequently than on desktops. People’s use of search engines has altered as a direct result of the growth of mobile devices. Due to this change, search engines have to modify their algorithms to please people.

  • How to Solve & Prevent:

If your website is already responsive, you might not need to take any further action. It is strongly advised that you redesign your website if it is not mobile-friendly. If it’s mobile-friendly, but you haven’t optimized it recently, it’s worth checking to make sure it still meets your requirements.

In Conclusion

Although it’s critical to avoid these eCommerce SEO errors, it’s no secret that design and SEO problems are common for eCommerce businesses. Keep these common errors in mind, and if needed, seek the help and support of the best strategies and planning experts for additional levels of support.


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