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How Digital Marketing Can Improve the Hiring Process

Growth Hacking | Oct 23, 2019

Every business must juggle a plethora of responsibilities across multiple departments and employees. In the day-to-day business of an enterprise, both recurring and unexpected problems can create chaos for brands that are unprepared to deal with the realities of life.

Arguably, one of the biggest safeguards against a business’s demise is hiring the best employees possible for each and every department and position.

The hiring process can be a stressful period for employees and employers alike. Whether the position is newly-created or one that must be filed after an unexpected vacancy, employers can often feel rushed to hire somebody in order to avoid further losses. While filling any and all positions as soon as possible should be a prime goal, maximizing the talent procured in the process is even more important.

It may not be often considered, but digital marketing can provide businesses with a variety of benefits during the hiring process.

To highlight this, let’s look at some of the advantages that digital marketing can add when recruiting new employees.

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4 Key Ways to Improve Digital Recruitment Strategies – Image by Igor Link from Pixabay

Digital Marketing Can Target Specific Professionals

As most developed businesses are in need of a varying range of employees and skill-sets, not every job interview or hiring process will work the same. Attracting the right types of talent based on your company’s needs is crucial in securing optimal performance from your workers.

While putting up ads on well-known job recruitment and employment websites can attract a variety of people, simplifying the process by only targeting those who have the necessary skill-sets can produce better overall results.

Social media networks now offer an immense array of targeting features when utilizing digital marketing campaigns. In particular, LinkedIn allows employers to run specific ad campaigns that only display to those who work in specified occupations and/or who have precise job skills needed by your company (known as LinkedIn matched audiences). While such digital marketing efforts may result in fewer resumes being submitted, those that are submitted will be more aligned with the needs of your business, increasing the efficiency of the interviewing process and maximizing efficiency in the hiring process.

Ultimately, this tactic can help flip the script on how businesses usually find talent – rather than waiting for prospective employees to find your listings through job search mediums, you can proactively reach them on platforms where they are most active.

Digital Marketing Can Dramatically Expand the Talent Pool

While businesses need to seek out qualified employees with experience in specific fields for many jobs, other roles may require less experience and/or training. For these roles, companies generally seek out individuals who are reliable, willing to work and willing to learn. Some common occupations in this category include customer service, sales associates and other entry-level positions. Listing these job offerings on popular job-hunting platforms can yield results, but digital marketing offers businesses the ability to expand far beyond such limited exposure.

With a comprehensive digital marketing strategy aimed at social media and search engines, companies can target job seekers directly with PPC ad campaigns. Users can even be targeted via email on services like Yahoo Mail, where ads show up in users’ inboxes. Even a master of human resource management online graduate will be impressed with the number of prospective employees that can be reached with a broad-based digital marketing campaign that advertises open positions.

Digital Marketing Can Better Inform You of Your Needs

Most companies thrive by serving the public and providing them with the products and services they so desperately need. However, businesses, managers and marketers alike can settle into routine patterns, gradually becoming less in touch with their target audiences and likely consumer bases.

This can inhibit growth over time, but digital marketing can provide a two-pronged solution to this problem.

Digital marketing campaigns aimed at collecting feedback and responses from your target audience can shed light on areas where your business has room to improve. Whether it be the addition of new products or a revision of existing practices, valuable information can be collected. Some may be asking how this relates to improving the job hiring process – the answer is simple.

With a plethora of information collected from your consumers, businesses can then proceed to determine what types of employees, skill-sets, and qualifications they should be focused on for maximum growth. The data collected from these campaigns can then help further refine the hiring process by focusing your procurement of professionals in the areas where your target audiences would like to see improvement.

In short, customer feedback gives you the knowledge to know which types of people to hire for optimal long-term growth.

Digital Marketing Can Improve Your Brand’s Image

There are many brands that we are all familiar with due to successful marketing efforts. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Google are common examples, but not just due to consumer demand. Ask most people whether they would like to work for these companies, and you’ll get a resounding “yes”. This is because they have not only focused on marketing their products to customers but also on marketing their companies to prospective employees. A true master of human resources understands how branding and messaging can affect both the number of applicants for a job and the morale of existing employees.

If your company has a reputation for being a bad place to work, this will hurt the hiring process by reducing the number of people who apply for each job opportunity. On the other hand, businesses with solid and positive reputations will see a stream of applicants any time a new job listing is posted. Digital marketing efforts that promote both products and employee experiences (along with perks and benefits) can completely change how potential employees view your company.

The end result is more, qualified applicants and a better chance at securing the best talent in those specific fields and departments.

While digital marketing is often thought about in the context of appealing to consumers, there is inherent value in using it to procure the best employees. With the right strategies, messaging and campaigns, businesses can refine virtually every part of the hiring process, improve candidate recruitment quality and even spur business growth over the long term.


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