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How Your Digital Marketing Company Can Stay Safe Online

Digital Advertising | Mar 01, 2021

Running a digital marketing agency will require the storage of a considerable amount of data, which can range from the trade secrets of your clients and their customers’ personal information.

Online security is therefore imperative for the smooth running of your business. It can protect your agency’s finances and reputation while ensuring you comply with various legal requirements. Find out how your digital marketing company can stay safe online by reading on.

Invest in a Powerful UTM Firewall

Small to medium-sized digital marketing agencies would be smart to invest in a powerful UTM firewall, which can provide a business with a comprehensive onsite security solution.

For example, it will offer the following features:

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-malware
  • Content filtering
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Application control
  • Anti-spam
  • Flexible VPN

It will ultimately allow your business to review traffic from every port without caching, which will provide your company with the peace of mind that your data and equipment are protected. A SonicWall firewall, for example, is the ideal solution for this critical task.

Never Store Sensitive Data for Longer Than Necessary

Holding onto data you no longer need can increase your risk of a significant data breach, which could lead to various financial and legal repercussions. What’s more, it could be detrimental to your agency’s reputation and could signal the end of your business.

There is no need to hold onto sensitive data for longer than necessary. Ensure you reduce the likelihood of a large-scale data breach by routinely removing outdated payment details or personal addresses from your database.

Focus on Email Education

It’s likely your social media marketers, graphic designers, account managers, sales representatives, and content writers will need to send information back and forth via email to various clients each day.

However, as fraudulent emails are the most common form of cyber attacks and data breaches in the UK, you must provide training to spot the signs of fraudulent emails. For example, a cybercriminal could attempt to coax staff into revealing financial information or passwords via email, as they could impersonate a digital marketing client or business associate.

Provide Staff with Online Security Training

It is crucial to provide your employees with in-depth training regarding the various laws and policies for data protection, as well as tips on how to keep information secure online.

That’s because a data breach is seven times more likely to be a result of human error over a cyber attack. For this reason, your employees must understand the importance of data security across your digital marketing agency, which includes the information stored across client websites, social media profiles, and emails. Reinforce the protocols by providing your team with written guidelines and strict policies to follow each day.

Fortify All Online Accounts

Ensure every online account you own or manage features the strongest authentication tools available, which can prevent hackers from gaining access to a platform and your data. For example, you could incorporate security keys, biometrics or two-factor authentication onto various websites, cloud solutions, social media platforms, banking apps, and company emails.

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