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The Most Effective Tips and Tools to Sharpen Your Writing Skills 2020

Content Marketing | May 14, 2020

For too many people writing has been important and many others have that writing talent, however, many people don’t pay attention to the act that they need to step up their writing skills but they need to work more to improve writing skills.

In other words, if you are talented but you don’t work on your talent, you are not getting anywhere. On the contrary, we can see a hard worker with perfect writing skills.

Amid the ongoing events and the lockdown due to the COVID-19 swift spread all over the world, all of us have extra free time on our hands because the social engagements are canceled, and we spend most of the time online; we work online, students are now also learning online.

No one can deny the importance of writing in all life aspects, especially, nowadays, it is totally worth it to think about sharpening your writing skills to make it effective.

improve writing skills

Keep reading to learn how to improve writing skills and become a better writer…

The Top 4 Benefits of Writing:

Given the importance of writing, here are the top 4 benefits of writing you need to know before getting into further details

  1. Clear communication: What is better than having clear communication with others? Unlike talking, when you write you search for more sophisticated words and expressions to describe what you have in mind. This will help you to express complex or challenging ideas, thoughts, feelings, goals.
  2. Eliminating stress: Writing has always been a comfort zone and a way to write down whatever you are feeling, even if you are not talking about your feelings but it helps to keep your mind clear as well as developing your ideas.
  3. Being more productive: It has been reported that writing actually activates the neurons in your brain and also gets it ready to overcome the rest of the tasks, not only that but also writing down your tasks with the right and appropriate words prepare you to carry them out perfectly. It is perfect if you set your goals in writing as this will motivate you and increase the chances of you achieving them.
  4. Making better decisions: It is obvious that writing clear up your thoughts and that means it will clear your mind to make better decisions and choices.

The Top 10 Content Types Marketers Need to Know

Bearing in mind that content is complex, there are different types of writing, however, when it comes to marketing, there are many and diverse types of content marketers should know, in light of that in this article we have gathered the top content types marketers should be aware of.

  1. Content Writing
  2. Script Writing
  3. Email Writing
  4. Social Media Writing
  5. Technical Writing
  6. Copywriting
  7. Blog Writing
  8. News/brand journalism Writing
  9. Lifestyle Writing
  10. Ghost Writing

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How to Improve Your Content Marketing Writing Skills?

Not just does write content help your target audience to create a relationship and engage with your brand but it also covers every aspect of your business. Also, content writing affects your social media, website along with print marketing efforts. Bear in mind that if you don’t keep a certain voice and style, you are not going to keep your brand.

In light of that, this is one of the important types of writing as mentioned earlier. Before talking about how to improve your content writing skills, you have to know what are the benefits of content marketing.

The top 6 benefits of content marketing:

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1. Increases your brand visibility: High-quality content promotes your brand across diverse social media channels which makes it visible to people who might be looking for a solution to their problem.

2. Improves recognition and brand awareness: Creating high-quality content is highly important and especially for small businesses because, in the beginning, they need their brand to get exposed to as many people as possible and their target audience, so it does influence your brand reputation.

3. Creates trust and loyalty with current customers and prospects: If your content provides education, advice, along with useful solutions without a sales pitch and free, it will build trust with your current customers and prospects.

4. Generating traffic to your site which improves lead generation: One of the most important marketing benefits is generating inbound leads, therefore the more high quality the content is, the more it helps to create a larger digital footprint which provides more chances for your business to be found in the search results.

5. Content opens a communication channel through social comments and shares: That means when your content gets shared, you are beginning to connect with people who have commented on your post or shared your content. It gives you the chance to answer their questions besides becoming a trusted source for information. Additionally, you will become the go-to business, when their need arises.

6. Helping customers move through the purchase decision faster: It is known that the purchase decisions begin with a search, therefore, if your content leads people in the direction of a solution, they will join your list. If your content marketing is done right, it can move prospects through the buyer’s journey at their pace. When people are ready to buy your business will probably be positioned as the expert and this decides to buy from you much easier.

10 Free Tools to Improve Writing Skills

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There are many applications you can use to improve writing skills generally. Here are some of the applications you can use:

  1. 750 Words: It encourages you to write at least 750 words each day and that is similar to writing 3-page length.
  2. Airstory: It is more than just writing and editing application, it allows you to research and outline as well.
  3. Google Docs: Google’s known with its perfect tools to help its users, this one lets you access your work from anywhere, you can use voice typing if you are too busy to type.
  4. Draft: Writers can access and compare all their previous work as a reference.
  5. Hemingway: This one is a grammar tool, you can utilize the word counter and readability score to take make your writing more bold and clear.
  6. Ginger Grammar Checker: Of course, you need to check your sentence structure and fix grammar mistakes, this application will fix it with a click of a button.
  7. Language Tool: With this tool, you can edit and proofread in more than 20 languages. Consider using this handy tool.
  8. Freedom: This productivity application helps to eliminate all distractions on not just your phone but on all devices that have internet access, that way you can write without any distractions, this is the application we all need while writing.
  9. COACH.ME: If you are looking for inspiration, chat with other users to get writing tips and advice.
  10. COPYSENTRY: Use this application to protect your work by using this web-based platform that quickly checks for websites that have copied or plagiarized your content, not only that but you can also upgrade to the premium account to constantly search for plagiarized content.