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Choosing the Right Online Phone System for Your Lead generation Team

Consumer Behavior | Jun 26, 2023

For businesses with lead generation teams, it is a priority to have a solid online phone system installed so as to ace today’s digital age. The benefits of an online phone system are spread across a huge spectrum, starting from managing and tracking leads, and improving communication with prospects to ultimately increasing sales.

Many businesses have understood the importance of an online phone system early and hence the industry has picked up pace, offering us a number of great options. Choosing the right online phone system can be overwhelming.

Read on to explore the key features to look for while selecting an online phone system for your lead generation team.

Tracking and Recording Calls

Call tracking and recording can be considered as one of the most essential features for lead generation teams, as they enable managers to monitor and improve the quality of the team’s calls.

With call tracking, one can gather data on the number of calls made, the duration of each call, and the outcome of the call (e.g. successful lead or unsuccessful lead).

Reading this data can be conveniently used to identify areas where the team needs improvement to make adjustments to business strategies appropriately. Call recordings are a great way to do thorough quality analysis and train the teams accordingly.

It allows managers to listen to the team’s calls with prospects, which can be incredibly valuable for many reasons.

One can use these recordings to identify areas where the team is doing well and identify areas of improvement. One can also use them to monitor compliance with standard operating procedures and company policies.

The Right Online Phone System for Lead Generation | DMC

Automated Dialer and Automatic Call Distribution

An automated dialer is a must-have feature for any lead generation team. It allows the team to dial more calls in minimum time, which can increase productivity, efficiency and ultimately lead to better sales.

An automated dialer can also help the team manage their time more efficiently by automatically dialing the next number on the list when a call ends, eliminating the need for manual dialing. This not only cuts down the lag speeding up the whole process but also eradicates the chances of human error which causes unnecessary waste of time.

These days, there are various types of automated dialers, such as ones including preview, progressive, and predictive dialers. Below is a quick description of each of the types.

  • Preview dialers: These allow the team to preview the prospects’ information before the call is dialed.
  • Progressive dialers: These automatically dial the next number on the list when one call ends.
  • Predictive dialers: These use algorithms to predict when the agents will be available to make the next call.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is another feature to look for in an online phone system. An ACD allows incoming calls to be routed to the next available agent in the queue, ensuring that someone from the team is always able to respond to customer inquiries promptly.

This can help to improve customer satisfaction, build trust and credibility and finally increase the number of leads generated.

Call Routing and IVR

The inclusion of call routing functionality is crucial for maintaining relevance and minimizing time wastage in lead generation teams. This essential feature ensures that incoming calls are efficiently directed to the appropriate individuals without delays.

By leveraging call routing, you can customize the routing criteria based on various factors such as:

  • Location of the prospect
  • Agent’s availability
  • Agent’s skill set
  • Type of requirements the prospect has
  • The language the prospect speaks

Implementing such call routing criteria ensures that your team is readily available to handle calls and that each prospect is connected with the most qualified agent.

Moreover, this feature can also be advantageous in managing internal breaks and employee leaves effectively.

Option to integrate Online Phone System to CRMs

In the realm of lead generation, it is vital for teams to integrate online phone systems, such as Ultatel, with their customer relationship management (CRM) software. This integration provides managers with an efficient means to track and manage leads seamlessly.

Furthermore, as technology continues to advance, automating tasks becomes increasingly essential, enabling teams to save valuable time and resources. One area where automation proves beneficial is lead scoring and lead nurturing. By automating these processes, teams can prioritize and nurture leads effectively.

With an integrated online phone system, lead behavior tracking is automated, providing clearer insights for the team to tailor their approach accordingly.

The integration of the online phone system and CRM ensures centralized data tracking, eliminating the need for additional data analytics tools and simplifying reporting and data collection processes.

This not only saves costs but also enhances the overall efficiency of lead management.

The Right Online Phone System for Lead Generation | DMC

Customizable Call Scripts

It has been an age-old tradition to have the same call script applicable to all customers. However, research says that the best way one can build a unique connection with future prospects is by having customized and targeted call scripts.

Customizable call scripts are an important feature for teams dealing with lead generation, as they allow the team to deliver a to-the-point and consistent message to prospects without sounding too general or out of context.

With customizable call scripts, one can ensure that the team is always communicating the value proposition effectively and that they are addressing the prospect’s pain points. As easy as it may sound, the key to cracking a successful deal is to exactly address the pain point by showing which USP of the product/service can solve it. 

Having the option to customize call scripts can make this process easier. Customizable call scripts also help new team members pick up pace quickly and ensure that all team members are delivering a consistent message.

Training and coaching new members becomes much easier with this feature.

Real-Time Analytics

In the world of business and management, if feedback is not given instantly, the mistake will never be improved. Real-time analytics is a valuable feature for lead generation teams which not only help teams keep a check on their own performance but also for their managers to give instant feedback.

Real-time analytics allows managers to monitor the team’s performance at any point dynamically. With real-time analytics, one can track key metrics such as the number of calls made, the number of successful leads, and the conversion rate.

This feature can be explored in many ways. One of which would be to track the analytics at regular intervals which gives a sense of direction and push to plan the rest of the work day.

The data collected from real-time analytics can be used to identify areas where your team needs improvement and make adjustments to your strategy on the go as the day progresses.

In conclusion, choosing the right online phone system for your lead generation team is going to give an all-around benefit to your business as well as the prospects by helping you deliver better.


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