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5 Best Tips to Promote Your Movies Via Instagram

Digital Advertising | Mar 29, 2022

Today, filmmaking has come a long way over the years, mainly, the personal branding of your movies. Instagram is no longer about posting your selfies or videos but more about marketing your films.

The experts in the industry cite that Instagram is an apt digital platform to promote movies for directors, filmmakers, photographers, or any person working in the visual arts.

As a movie director, you need to learn about curating your portfolio, attracting new businesses, creating an audience, and working in partnership on the web. You can create a community of film directors and build an audience on Instagram to increase your fan following.

According to an article published on, first things first, you need to know your brand and develop Instagram content that your audience would like to see. Therefore, check the below tips to promote movies via Instagram.

Tips to Promote Movies Via Instagram 2020

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

5 Tips to Promote Movies Using Instagram in 2020

1. Experimentation Is the Key

Instagram is thronged with brands; however, you will find space to demonstrate your creativity and artistic prowess. You can stand out from the rest of the crowd by being unique and thoughtful. When it comes to filmmaking and its promotion, creativity is essential as being organized. Therefore, plan before marketing your films on Instagram

Organized and thoughtful introspective experimentation is the key to your success in film promotion. Brainstorm with your creative team to think of innovative and one-off posts. You can experiment with numerous strategies, content types, and posts; then figure out an appropriate way to market your film on Instagram.

2. Develop Connections and Relationships

Building connections and relationships are one of the best ways to boost your film branding on Instagram. These connections are essential concerning quality, quantity, create experiences, and use these to your benefit.

Instagram and social media are simply the extensions of your life and therefore, you should make the most out of the bigger opportunities that this platform has to offer. Fortunately, with the right Instagram marketing tactics, you can build real, long-lasting connections to reach out to a broader audience and improve fan following.

Build as many connections as possible, though primarily relevant to filmmaking. It could be anything like writing and exchanging experiences with peers in your industry. Pay heed to what other renowned filmmakers post, take inspiration from them, and create Instagram posts based on the inspirations. However, do not directly copy from others.

You never know how many possibilities can come up when you build connections. You can visit to learn more about Instagram marketing and building relationships.

3. Get Inspired and Learn From the Best in Your Industry

There is nothing like being motivated by the best directors from the movie industry. Look at their creative ideas, Instagram posts, and then develop your content without plagiarizing. Draw inspiration and develop your style so that you become identifiable and exceptional to pique audience interest.

Do not compare your film branding to eminent directors or celebrities. Successful people have a dedicated team and possibilities are there that they have been working for many years just like you. You will also grow in your field but it will take some time. By feeling disappointed about other’s popularity will only make you lose focus and steal the enjoyment of promoting your films through Instagram.

4. Work Creatively With What Tools You Have

You might be wondering how you are going to work creatively if you do have all the tools. Even if you do not have a team to shoot photos or videos, you can use tools like Photoshop. The best way is to work creatively with whatever tools you have.

You can create a couple of fake shoots, to begin with, as you have many visuals to continue with your film promotion through Instagram. Figure out what you can do with your current tools. You can even rent a few things to do your job.

A handy tool to help you create videos online for agencies and businesses is

5. Use Effective Call-To-Actions

Reap the maximum benefits out of the bio section of Instagram by using effective call-to-actions or CTAs. Your goal is to divert the attention of your audience to your film’s brand page on the photo-sharing site. Write a short and snappy CTA within 150 characters that work best for your branding.

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The CTA will help people visit your home page and learn about your upcoming movie projects. You can also direct visitors to a page where people can learn filmmaking skills if they like. You have stunning photos and videos of your films. What you can do is using the comments section to tell your audience what you do as a filmmaker.

Finally, make the most out of your images to build engagement. There are tools to do it, and these are easy to use.


Now that you have these tips to promote movies and your upcoming films through Instagram, you can use the right methods to take your branding to the next level. When you promote movies, your business will grow and people will like your page.

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