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What Do Customers Want from Your Business When They Have a Problem?

Growth Hacking | Mar 29, 2020

It’s just a fact that customers are going to have some problems when dealing with your business. They could be small problems or big problems, and obviously, every business works hard to limit how many problems their customers experience, however, there will be some.

People contacting your company with a problem doesn’t have to be a big problem though if you’re getting your customer support right.

So, what do customers want from your business when they have a problem and how can you give it to them?

solving customer problems

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Be Contactable

One of the key things customers want is to be able to get a hold of you. Most customers understand issues happen, but they can’t understand it when you’re impossible to get a hold of.

Modern technology allows customers to contact businesses through so many different platforms, and you should be taking advantage of these. However, you’ve got to make sure that you alert and respond speedily on each different platform.

Most customer problems can be smoothed over, but that’s much more difficult to do if customers struggle to contact you.

Empower the Customer

People want their problems to be fixed quickly and with minimal effort. Sometimes that means allowing the customer to sort the problem themselves by providing them with the information they need.

If you’ve got a good self-service system, then you can empower many of your customers to fix their own problems, freeing up your customer support to help with the remaining cases. Some customers want you to fix their problem, but many are happy doing it themselves if you make it convenient for them to do so.

Empower Your Employees

You have to give your employees the power to solve problems themselves. If someone is working on the front line, then you’ve got to give them the power to make customers happy.

Sometimes, customers need to be refunded or compensated for an error, and it’s very frustrating for them if they get passed around lots of different employees looking for the one that has the authority to initiate these things.

Train your employees, trust them, and allow them to make these decisions.

Be Organized

People are coming to you because they have a problem that has inconvenienced them. The last thing you want is to further inconvenience them by taking up their time because you’re not organized.

Modern help desk software gives your business all kinds of tools to better solve customer problems and improve processes, and it’s vital you take advantage of these.

Be Sincere

Customer experience should be a big part of your business, and part of this is offering great experience even when things go wrong. People want to feel like your brand understands their concerns, and one of the ways in which you can do this is by being sincere and working hard to solve their problems.

Don’t be shy to offer compensation where you can, and make sure that your customer ends their conversation with you feeling like they are valued. If someone calls with a problem, it can be an opportunity to further improve their relationship with your brand if the customer support is done well.


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