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3 Tactics for Promoting Your Brand

Branding | Nov 30, 2019

You cannot afford to be shy when it comes to some self-promotion, especially when you represent your brand, and your brand represents the industry that you are so passionate about.

It’s no use being a wallflower while your competitors are standing center stage; so, what can you do to improve?

Whether you’re an existing company or an up-and-coming business, promotion is vital for success, and you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities for your brand to grow.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Here are some useful tips when it comes to effectively promoting your brand.

#1 Be Social Media Savvy

In this day and age, there is really no excuse for not having an online presence for your business. However, if this is an area that you struggle in, it’s always worth reaching out to a PR agency for assistance. They can help your business become more credible and improve communication with customers.

PR agencies are used by numerous industries across the globe; for instance, if you Google PR agency in New York, you’ll be met with dozens of results advertising lucrative PR firms. A good PR agency won’t spin the facts to shed something in a good light; instead, they conduct market research, analyze public opinion and use that information to enhance a company’s reputation.

An agency will be able to generate awareness of your brand and apply growth strategies to widen your audience.

#2 Be Consistent

Brand consistency is essential in this digital age, as you need it in order to maintain trust with your client base. It’s easy to be fickle and mix things up in an attempt to stay on-trend, but the downside of this is that potential customers can misinterpret your brand’s intention. If your brand is constantly being molded into something different, then it will appear unreliable and will make it more difficult to generate customers.

In order to keep your existing customers and reach out to others, it is better to stay dependable and focus more on providing good customer service. This will make you more recognizable to customers, who are more likely to return if your business made a good first impression. Once your brand starts to become more recognized amongst your regular customers, it can then be spread via word of mouth, i.e., one of the best marketing tools.

Consistency shouldn’t be mistaken for boring or repetitive; too many businesses neglect their existing customers when they attempt to ‘rebrand,’ and this will cost them more in the long run. Consistency equals familiarity, and your brand will have a better chance of success if it remains familiar to its target audience.

#3 Be Authentic

Authenticity means different things to different people, but when it comes to brand authenticity, it has the ability to alter public perception. When businesses present themselves as authentic, they are illustrating their values.

The UK cosmetics company ‘Lush’ is a prime example of brand authenticity and how it is marketed to consumers. Lush values natural, handmade hair and beauty products, which are 100% vegetarian and are marketed to customers who are passionate about environmental conservation.

They have voiced their disapproval of testing cosmetics on animals and have also implemented a recycling scheme, where customers who return up to 5 empty pots that they previously bought their product in can receive a free Fresh Face Mask.

Lush is successful because it openly prioritizes its morals over profits; for example, it refuses to buy from companies who carry out animal testing, and it does not spend money on TV advertising or celebrity endorsements.

That isn’t to say that in order for your brand to be authentic, it has to be flawless; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. If your brand can recognize its flaws as well as its successes, then people will see it as more honest and personable and be willing to put their trust in it.


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