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3 Unique Ways to Promote Your Beauty Business Online

Digital Advertising | Dec 23, 2019

When you run an online beauty business, you know how crucial brand recognition is. Getting people to recognize you as an authoritative source in the beauty game is crucial to growing your sales, boosting your profits, and successfully becoming your own boss.

This is what beauty marketing will do.

However, many beauty experts may not be certain of how best to promote themselves. Beauty marketing is its own skillset, and it can be a difficult one to master. However, there are some simple ways that you can get started promoting your beauty brand that you don’t need an MS in marketing to discover.

beauty marketing: how to promote beauty brand

How to Promote Your Beauty Brand Online

In this post, we’ll go over 3 easy cosmetic marketing steps you can take to start getting your name out there.

Step 1: Launch an Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most important ways that brands can connect with their customers. It’s simple: when people visit your site, you can give them the option to give you their email and receive promotional offers. Once you’ve got a solid list of emails, you can use an integrated email marketing platform to start reaching out to your loyal customers.

There are a few steps that you can take to get your email marketing strategy off the ground:

1. Be cordial. People get non-stop spam, work emails, and emails from other brands. You want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd by using email respectfully. If you send out 15 ads a day, you’ll pretty much immediately get blocked.

2. Send out a newsletter. Product promotions are great. But providing your audience with quality newsletters that explain your products, talk about developments in your area, and only then let them know about sales and deals, makes you more likely to keep a loyal base.

3. Follow through with deals. Hey, the people on your email list are devoted customers – even if they haven’t actually bought anything yet! Make sure they’re the first to get dibs on promotional products and exclusive bargains.

Once you’ve established an email-based marketing platform, it’s time to take your ad strategy to the next level.

cosmetic marketing: how to promote beauty brand

Beauty Tips and Tutorials Are Considered as the Milestone of Beauty Marketing

Step 2: Create Content

Producing content is one of the best ways that people can become familiar with your brand. As a beauty business owner, content is especially important, since nearly everyone has googled beauty tips and tutorials at some point. Developing a robust reputation as a trusted name in your industry is the key to getting consistent business.

Here are some of the most effective ways that you can incorporate content creation into your marketing plan:

  • Start a blog that explains your products, offers tips on how to use them, and also keeps users updated about interesting developments in beauty and wellness.
  • Make a YouTube channel and start producing tutorials. Makeup tutorials are some of the most viral and successful types of video online, and as a beauty brand, it’s in your best interest to cash in on this success.
  • Get your social media accounts churning outposts. A witty Twitter, glamorous Instagram and responsive Facebook are pretty much all necessary for brands online these days. This can be a pretty large upfront investment in time and energy, but the payoff will be huge down the line.

Content and email are some of the most important ways to connect with your customers. However, there is one thing that contemporary consumers value above all else…

Step 3: Be Genuine

Having a successful online marketing presence is essential to success, but it’s not sufficient. The internet is inundated with ads, there are thousands of brands all clamoring for the attention of users, and people have a lot of tough choices to make about which companies they choose to do business with.

One of the best ways that you can retain customers and steadily grow your base is by producing genuinely good products that people will trust, talk about with their friends, and frequently come back to purchase.

In addition to selling products that people can rely on, being authentic in your communication and customer service is essential. As a smaller beauty brand, what will set you apart from large retailers is your ability to connect directly with customers and help them out if they’ve run into trouble with your products. Your reputation will rapidly grow, and you’ll be known as a company that’s true to its word.

There are some great ways to promote your brand online. By starting a mailing list, producing interesting content, and making honest connections with customers, your business is much more likely to start growing!


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