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Top 5 Social Media Trends 2020 to Spur Your YouTube Community

Social Media Insights | Dec 09, 2019

YouTube undoubtedly is the “go-to” platform when it comes to video content. This is a platform that is used by both big and small brands to improve their video content strategy. So, you need to be up-to-date with the YouTube Trends 2020.

With the cut-throat competition, these days where all these creators want their content to go viral as soon as it’s posted, thus, following new social media trends becomes significant.

In today’s context, where everyone is perpetually rushing to make ends meet, the marketers are impelled to try strategy possible to reach out to the masses in order to form their brand image and community.

It’s all about the content be it, articles, blogs, photographs, graphics, infographics, podcasts, and video content, etc, anything that is growing the community and attracting genuine customers.

Video has without a doubt taken over text and image content. According to the Analytics, visitors stay on the website 80% more than the usual time taken, solely due to the videos on the website. The YouTube algorithms also are rapidly changing these days which is why it becomes extremely important for the creators to keep abreast of the YouTube trends 2020.

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YouTube trends 2020: Top 5 Social Media Trends 2020 to Spur Your YouTube Community

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

We will soon disclose to you the YouTube trends 2020. It aims to strategically help you improve your videos and spur your YouTube community.

5 YouTube Trends 2020 to Spur Your YouTube Community

1st Trend: Be Able to Tell Stories

No matter how old we are, somethings just never change. One of them is the art of storytelling and the other being the absolute joy of listening to those stories. People, irrespective of their age, are automatically drawn to content that is telling them some kind of story.

According to a survey of a little over 5000 users, 58% of viewers around the age of 25-35 years and 42% viewers around the age of 36-45 like to binge-watch content created by brands that they relate to.

Video content is something 80% of the viewers swear by as according to them, videos tend to hold their attention more than textual content or even images for that matter.

Hence, for the marketers, seeing the audience’s preference rapidly shift towards Youtube video content, it is best to modify the YouTube content strategy according to the social media trends than to continue the execution of the old strategy and sustain losses.

YouTube Trends 2020: The Best Content Types, the most preferred content types

A Figure Shows that Video Content Is the Most Preferred Content-Type

2nd Trend: Meaningful Content

The entertainment is good. However, there is a % of people who browse YouTube in search of valid content that is relevant and has substance to it. There are a lot of videos on digital marketing, mobile phone comparisons, various tutorials, dance choreographies, etc.

In case you already have a YouTube channel and a substantial number of subscribers, pay close attention to the most popular videos, the videos that have done better than expected, and the ones that have a higher audience retention rate.

These videos managed to attract and retain the viewer’s attention on the videos. Try to figure out what distinguishes them from the other videos on your channel. You could use this data to create more videos.

In short, device your strategy according to your audience’s interest.

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3rd Trend: Routine Videos

Influencers (niche – fashion, beauty, and lifestyle) especially the ones that show their routine – either morning routine or their night routine in order to showcase their morning skincare routine, the kind of coffee they prefer along with the coffee brand, the gym clothing, the night creams and the night oils they use, the brands that sell the best quality nightwear and the best material, the supplements they take and their benefits, etc.

According to shopkeepers, these videos play a huge role in influencing the audience and helping them to make purchases. The customers decide on the best products that would suit their skin type and fall into their budget.

Such videos also include the “Ugly to Beauty Challenge” where people show how they physically transformed themselves by going on a particular diet, going to the gym, and details of the exercises they were doing. They also tend to recommend the gym they were going to and their trainers.

According to Statistics, the watch time of these videos has increased significantly by 60% to 80%.

4th Trend: 360 Degree Videos

Videos initially functioned on the click-to-play format, however, now we have the freedom to change the perspective. This feature is extremely beneficial for product brands as it enables them to showcase their products, thus, have their audience interact with it in ways they previously couldn’t, resulting in higher sales. The advantage of these videos is that they significantly improve viewer engagement and watch time.

5th Trend: ASMR Videos

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR videos is also a trending topic related to YouTube in the upcoming year. This began as a small segment but has really picked up the pace and become extremely popular.

These ASMR sounds are professionally created sounds of whispering, chewing, and scratching that are satisfying and soothing to the ears. These ASMR artists have taken the internet by storm and the community is growing rapidly.

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Wrapping Up

These social media trends are not permanent. The search engine is dynamic. The YouTube trends 2020 are changing rapidly and undoubtedly there’ll be new trends and videos going viral. So, till the time the above mentioned are trending, make the most of it.

Extract as much as you can from these trends. Align your video marketing strategy with these trends and boost your business in no time. You could even consider collaborating with established influencers who could help promote your product.

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