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Video content is a necessary part of the digital marketing mix, videos are powerful because they can have a strong emotional effect on viewers. It’s no secret that funny, shocking, amazing, and inspirational videos do particularly well online. Video is the ideal tool for experiential marketing giving viewers the chance to experience something alongside the onscreen actors and to consider how they would feel or act in that situation. It also helps to show off a brand’s personality, tone and communication style. Social video marketing is a component of an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around a given video.

The Key Findings of The “Social Video 2019” Report:

  • Almost 4 in 10 Internet users follow brands they like and over a quarter follow brands they are thinking of buying something from.
  • The rate of watching videos posted by celebrities or vloggers on YouTube has increased by 5% points over the course of two years to 36%.
  • Facebook takes the lead with the largest user base of 63% as well as the highest engagement rates with live video streaming of 26%.
  • Globally, more than a fifth of Internet users say that following sports events is one of their main reasons for using social networks, climbing to 39% among live social video viewers.
  • 56% of online adults using augmented reality apps each month are social video viewers.
  • 50% of surveyed social viewers reported that they watched a tutorial video which explained how to do something.
  • 17% of surveyed social viewers mentioned that they asked a question to a brand on a social network.
  • 26% of surveyed live video viewers reported that they promote brands to access exclusive content or services.
The Changing Social Media Engagement Patterns Over Time, 2019.

A Figure Shows The Changing Social Media Engagement Patterns Over Time, 2019.

The Content of The”Social Video 2019” Report:

  • Key Insights.
  • The Evolution of Social Video.
  • The Rise of Passive Networking.
  • The Role of Social Video in Marketing & Commerce.
  • Live Streaming & Entertainment.
  • Notes on Methodology.
  • More from GlobalWebIndex.

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Data were driven from GlobalWebIndex’s Q4 2018 wave of research across 45 countries, which had a global sample size of 138,962 respondents.


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