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In this guide, Think With Google team translated the tools and know-how developed by a generation of YouTube content creators to help brands develop ads that will resonate with 21st-century consumers.

These best practices are explained in 7 stages to help you understand each point and guide you through taking action.

Here Are All the Steps You Need to Define and Implement a Successful YouTube Content Strategy:

Also, you can find out how to create successful videos, how to devise an overall channel strategy, how to promote your videos through both paid and non-paid avenues on YouTube, and how to get the most of YouTube

  • Define the core of your YouTube content strategy, and create a unique content your brand can bring to your consumers to earn their loyalty.
  • Define the content creation strategy so you need to answer for what is your audience actively searching for regarding your brand or industry? And what content do you want to PUSH to a big, broad audience?
  • Define how to distribute and activate the content for consumers. You’ll need a central place to store and organize your content to ensure that it’s accessible to your audience anywhere, anytime.
  • You need to have an editorial calendar to help you ensure your brand’s consistent presence throughout the year and align content programming with your marketing calendar.
  • Visit competitors YouTube channels and see:
    • What’s performed well for them?
    • What they’re up to across the entire digital ecosystem.
    • What are they doing successfully?
    • Where are there opportunities for your brand?
  • Identify what words will viewers use to describe your video when they share it? Would you click on this yourself?
  • Be original and think of a clever way to involve audiences with your brand.
  • Browse blogs and social media sites for others who may be able to spread the word about your channel because that can help you find whom you overlap with.
  • Make videos around trending events and create “evergreen” videos that will be searched for overtime, such as how-to videos.
  • Make an emotional connection for conversing with viewers. Always ask for feedback and respond to viewer comments, both in the video (when possible) and on social media.
YouTube Creator Playbook: Your A-to-Z Guide for YouTube Marketing, Here are all the steps you need to define & implement a successful content strategy on YouTube, how to create successful videos, how to devise an overall YouTube channel strategy

Some of the Icons & Key Definitions You May Need for Building a Successful YouTube Content Strategy

The Table of Content of “YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands” eBook:

  • Introduction
    • Playbook Structure
    • Icons & Key Definitions
  • Section 1: Content Marketing
    • Part of Your Brand Strategy
    • Key Steps to Build Your Content Plan
    • Guiding Principles
    • Checklist
  • Section 2: 10 Fundamentals to Create Content People Love
    • Checklist
  • Section 3: Schedule Your Content
    • Develop a Programming Strategy
    • Checklist
  • Section 4: Optimize Your Content
    • Metadata
    • Thumbnails
    • Annotations
    • Playlists
    • Channel Experience
    • Checklist
  • Section 5: Promote Your Content With Paid Media
    • Ignite Earned Media With Paid Media
    • Choose the Right Video Ad Format
    • Optimize Your Video for Paid Promotion
    • Optimize Your Ad Campaign
    • Choose the Right Promotion for Each Content-Type
    • Turn Viewers Into Subscribers
    • Measure Your Success
    • Checklist
  • Section 6: Amplify Your Content With Social
    • Interact With Your Audience at Scale
    • Top Fans
    • Google+ Hangouts on Air
    • Leverage All Marketing Channels
    • Leverage Google+
    • Checklist
  • Section 7: Measurement
    • Identify Your Key Metrics
    • KPI Summary
    • Tracking Tools Overview
    • Glossary

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