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With more than 1.9 billion logged-in global users every month, YouTube is at the heart of this boom. So, When it comes to YouTube, the answer is ‘yes. it’s one of the best marketing giants’ with 95% of YouTube ads are viewable, and the same number audible, compared to just 66% across the rest of the web and apps.


YouTube and other pure video platforms generate higher audience attention than any other video on social media, according to a study by GfK. Moreover, 86% of people in the Middle East and North Africa say they are fully/mostly paying attention on YouTube compared to 69% on average across social platforms.

How to get the most of YouTube?

Think With Google’s team has put together this guide to help you – and your brand – convert attention into action on YouTube. The guide also includes some insights and recommendations are backed by research, along with case studies from YouTube campaigns.

So whether you’re looking to drive awareness, conversion, consideration, or full-funnel impact, you’ll be able to find guidelines and tips to help deliver measurable results through online video, time and time again.

A Sneak Peek at the Current Online Video Landscape

  • 71% of 18-34-year-olds in Egypt say they watch YouTube more now than a year ago, according to a GfK study.
  • 82% agree that YouTube helps them to find useful tips or to learn how to do something, according to a GfK study in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • It is estimated that, by 2020, the video will account for a staggering 82% of consumer web traffic.
  • 65% of shoppers say online video has helped them learn more about a product they intend to buy, according to a study by Google & Ipsos.

The Content of “The YouTube Effectiveness Guide 2019”:

  • Key insights
  • Build Awareness & Ad Recall
  • Grow Consideration & Interest
  • Drive Action
  • YouTube Video Formats
  • YouTube Effectiveness Guide

Number of Pages:

  • 22 Pages


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