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Throughout your career as a marketer and by the beginning of 2019, some questions may come to your mind. You may wonder which channels you should use for different marketing goals? what are the differences between Instagram and Facebook advertising? why mobile is the future of social media marketing? and why influencer marketing is on the rise and how to make the most of it?

Socialbakers answered all these questions and more to help marketers drive value for their business via digital marketing, especially via social media marketing.

A Top-line Snapshot Into the Most Important Social Media Trends for 2019:

  • Instagram is becoming the #1 social media platform when it comes to engagement for brands.
  • When it comes to the most engaged users by industry across Instagram and Facebook; Fashion and Beauty dominate Instagram, whereas e-commerce sparks the most interactions on Facebook.
  • Concerning ad spends distribution by platform from 2017 to 2018, spending on Instagram ads increased in 2018, while ad spends on Facebook decreased. There was another important shift in advertising formats, from the news feed to stories.
  • Facebook usage on mobile is overwhelmingly dominant, as mobile users consume more ads over the desktop.
A Figure Shows A Comparison Between the Ad Spend Distribution on Facebook & Instagram From 2017 to 2018 - Most Important Social Media Trends to Remember in 2019 - Social Media Trends in 2019 - Socialbakers Report

A Figure Shows A Comparison Between the Ad Spend Distribution on Facebook & Instagram From 2017 to 2018

Content of “Most Important Social Media Trends to Remember in 2019” Report:

  • Instagram vs. Facebook
    • Platform Audience, Activity, Engagement
    • Engagement Distribution by Industries
  • Instagram vs. Facebook Advertising
    • Share of Instagram vs. Facebook Ads
    • Facebook Advertising Desktop vs. Mobile
    • Promoted Post Promotion on Facebook
    • Ad Placements On Instagram
  • Facebook Engagement
    • Organic vs. Paid Reach on Facebook
    • Number of Interactions on Facebook Posts
  • Instagram Engagement
    • Instagram Stories vs. Posts
  • The Rise of Influencer Marketing
    • The Influencer Industry and Minimizing Fraud
    • Spotting Fake Influencers by Follower Growth
  • Privacy and Security

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