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Is Your Digital Marketing Campaign Making the Most of the Data It Collects?

Data-Driven Marketing | Jan 20, 2020

Not only is digital marketing an effective way of generating leads and creating sales, but the data it collects can also have wide-ranging benefits for your company. In the past, businesses were limited with the data they could collect, but modern technology has completely changed our ability to collect and store data. The difficulty with this is we now have access to so much data, it can be challenging to understand what information is pertinent and how best to use it.

Digital marketing is one area where we can collect essential data from our potential customers and use it to inform our business decisions, but again, it’s not always that easy. Marketers have lots of data, but it’s normally spread out over lots of different tools, meaning we can’t make the most of it.

By using different SQL join types to merge different data sets, you can use this data more effectively and help take your digital marketing to new levels.

SQL Join Types: How to use data effectively in marketing | DMC

How SQL Join Types Help You Use Data Effectively in Marketing:

1. Generate More Leads

Digital marketing allows you to collect so much data that can help your lead generation. Modern technology allows you to see what content your viewers are interacting with and how they interact with it.

Basic metrics like page views and time on page can tell you so much about how effective your campaigns are, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. When you know how to interpret this data and turn it into actionable insights, you can streamline many aspects of your customer interactions.

2. Solve Problems

In days gone by, it was difficult to quantify the value of advertising efforts. You could place an advert in a magazine, but how did you know how many people actually read it, and how could you tell when it converted? It was very difficult. With digital marketing, you have no such problems. You can see in great detail just how well your campaigns are performing, and easily make changes to make them more efficient.

Once again, the problem here is that we have access to so much data, so it can be tricky to find the information that’s actually relevant to our goals. The better you are at analyzing the data, the easier it is to solve problems.

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3. Track Performance

When you’re able to effectively find the data you need and turn it into useful information and use the right SQL join types, it becomes much easier to track your performance. We all have goals for our campaigns, and we need to know how we are performing if we are to achieve those goals.

Data on its own cannot give you a good idea of your performance, though, and you need to use methods like SQL to turn that data into reports you can use to make improvements.

4. Streamline Processes

When you can turn data into actionable insights, you have the information to improve all the processes in your digital marketing campaigns. If one tactic isn’t working, you’ll be able to spot it and either change tactics or tweak the current tactic. Many processes go into digital marketing, and if you can make lots of small upgrades in productivity, it can have a significant impact on your returns.

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