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SEO is known to be a challenge, and in many cases, a very complicated one. What kind of SEO Strategy do you need? How to measure if it’s working? What is the number of factors affecting the ranking and determining your organic search results? Ten? One hundred? One thousand?

It’s easy to find answers to these questions and many others with a simple search on SEO Ranking Factors. There is a lot of information out there. Yet the truth is, while there seem to be hundreds of variables that are integrated and processed to determine final placement, most of what is suggested is guesswork. And certainly, not all ranking factors are the best fit for every kind of business.

We’ll get to see how The Good Marketer managed to develop an SEO strategy that earned them quite the results. The agency was able to get 1st-page landings for over 20 keywords and generated a 290% return on investment.



As a Digital Marketing Agency based in London, The Good Marketer are already in one of the most competitive locations in the world and less than 6 months ago, they faced a big decision - to continue competing with the big names, offering similar services/packages, or to turn the tables and change the way they conduct themselves and the way they bill their clients.

The Good Marketer decided to be bold and chose the latter. Not only have they survived but they have thrived and have gone from working with 4 clients a month to 20+ clients in industries varying from Fitness & Health to Legal & Finance.

Being a relatively new Digital Marketing Agency, their challenge was to build brand awareness, increase their keyword rankings and generate a regular stream of conversions.


With their own in-house SEO experts, the team undertook an initial analysis of the website and identified the key issues;

  • A Low Ranking Backlink Profile
  • Lack of an Online Presence Compared to the Competitors.
  • Unclear Metadata

In order to address these challenges, firstly the team carried out a website revamp which involved developing the onsite content, introducing a Small Business focused content strategy,  improving contact options by installing Calendly and improving internal linking. This lead to an increase in keyword rankings and overall performance with a substantial increase in online inquiries.

They then set upon developing a Digital PR (Link-Building) Campaign which involved producing relevant content for Small Businesses such as Facebook Advertising, Pay Per Click and Social Media to ensure maximum appeal. This campaign made way to build powerful links which has boosted rankings, thus increasing website traffic and online inquiries.


  • 98.6% Increase in Organic Traffic Year-on-Year
  • 95.5% Increase in Website Sessions
  • 74.3% Increase in Keyword Rankings
  • 1st Page Position for over 29 keywords
  • 290% Return on Investment
  • 26.9% Lead-to-Client Conversion Rate

The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer is a leading digital marketing agency in London, the UK works for small businesses and start-up companies to add value, save time, and optimize performance.From Facebook Advertising to Email Marketing, The Good Marketer provides outsourced marketing solutions that bridge the gap for growing businesses who don't require an in-house marketing team but would still like to grow, develop and succeed.The Good Marketer has a team of experienced professionals who can develop your marketing strategy, manage your campaigns, develop killer content, and execute everything for you.Using their in-depth knowledge and experience of digital marketing, The Good Marketer proud itself on building lasting relationships with their clients, and over time, becoming an integrated member of their team.This approach means The Good Marketer gain a greater understanding of each clients’ business, their customers and their competitors allowing their clients to grow, develop, and succeed.

The Good Marketer Scope of Services:

  • Google Advertising:
    • Google Search
    • Google Display
    • Google Shopping
    • YouTube Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

The Top Clients of Good Marketer:

  • PS Contracts
  • Signature Works
  • O'Neill Global
  • The Voice Inspirer
  • Claim for Disrepair

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