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Search Engine Optimization

SEO has risen steadily in recent decades and has been largely a ‘south to north’ phenomenon, as well as being essential in securing high rankings for websites and profits for businesses. Exactly how essential, you ask?

That’s thanks to over 70,000 of Google searches that are made every second which equals about 6 billion Google searches per day. Besides that, organic results on the top search position get 44.64% of the total clicks, while paid results in Google get only 6% of all clicks.

The question now is, “are you using an effective, time-proven marketing strategy for your site’s SEO in 2019?”

If you’re not, don’t fret! This guide goes hand-in-hand with the best-of-breed SEO tools powered by WebCEO. The SEO guide for 2019 will teach you:

  • How to design a website structure that will maximize your site rankings;
  • How to provide a superb UX that will keep users coming back;
  • How to use your competitors’ strengths against them, and many more!

A Focus on Site Navigation: How to Accomplish Efficient Site Structure

Google uses links to crawl and index your website, which makes them essential for achieving high rankings. But interlinking your pages isn’t enough. They need to be connected in an organized fashion.

An Example of Site Navigation and How Can You Accomplish This?

An Example of Site Navigation – Download the Full Guide and Figure out  How Can You Accomplish This?

Here is a tried and tested plan of organizing websites:

  • Home page: The main one which links to category pages and is linked to by all other pages;
  • Category pages: Which link to individual pages and collect them into groups;
  • Individual pages: Which have the actual content you want to show to users.

The Content of “Your SEO Guide for 2019: How to Master SEO Trends”:

  • CHAPTER 1. Keyword research and optimization
  • CHAPTER 2. Site navigation
  • CHAPTER 3. Mobile optimization
  • CHAPTER 4. Local SEO
  • CHAPTER 5. Voice search optimization
  • CHAPTER 6. Page loading speed
  • CHAPTER 7. Search intent-oriented content
  • CHAPTER 8. The use of social media
  • CHAPTER 9. Technical audit
  • CHAPTER 10. Competitor research

Number of Pages:

  • 27 Pages


  • Free

WebCEO Software

WebCEO is a set of quality SEO tools based on a single platform. It is a fast, time-saving, stable and elegant product. It is also constantly evolving and getting better year after year. WebCEO’s aim is to create software that will fully satisfy the SEO needs of small businesses and SEO agencies.


  • For Midsize and Small Businesses:
  1. 15 Easy-to-use Online SEO Tools For Diy SEO
  2. Get a step-by-step SEO roadmap
  3. Make your SEO process easy
  4. Get all SEO data at no additional cost
  • For Corporations and Digital Agencies:
  1. All-in-one SEO Software Platform For Bigger Appetites
  2. Manage hundreds of client sites easily
  3. Help your team collaborate effectively
  4. Get new SEO leads daily
  5. Go unlimited in everything
  6. Impress your clients with professional-looking SEO reports branded with your company logo
  7. Let clients use your own white label SEO tools on your own domain
  • For Enterprise-Level:
  1. Collaborate With Your Seo Team
  2. Integrate A Turn-key Seo Platform
  3. Offer White Label Seo Tools On Your Own Domain

Features & Services:

  • WebCEO Tools:
  1. Keyword Research
  2. Internal Links Optimization
  3. Technical Audit
  4. SEO Analysis
  5. Rank Checker
  6. Web Analytics
  7. Unnatural Links Detection
  8. Content Submission
  9. Backlink Quality Check
  10. Competitor Backlink Spy
  11. Social Analytics
  12. DIY SEO Checklist
  13. Competitive SEO Analysis
  • B2B Solutions:
  1. B2B Solutions
  2. Agency Tools Overview
  3. White Label SEO Tools
  4. Branded SEO Reports
  5. Web CEO API
  6. Request a B2B Demo
  • B2C Solutions:
  1. SEO Software for Small Businesses


  • Startup - $99 /Mo
  • Corporate - $199 /Mo
  • Agency Fixed - $499 /Mo
  • Agency Unlimited - $99 /Mo +scanning Fees

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