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Executing Social Media Strategy to Significantly Increase Engagement | Case Study

A social media marketing strategy will help your brand tackle its goals with a sense of purpose. That’s why Profile Products LLC joined hands with Elevation Marketing to execute a social media strategy that was a remarkable success and a worthwhile case study.

Turface Athletics and Profile Golf are Profile Products LLC brands. Profile Products produces a comprehensive line of products for soil modification, erosion control and plant establishment.


Turface Athletics and Profile Golf are well-established brands in their industries, but their social engagement was low, hindering their ability to build awareness with new prospects and engage a social media-savvy audience in a meaningful way.

Profile Products did not have a presence across all primary social media platforms, and while they were posting to the ones they did have, they were not doing so in a strategic manner that would optimize their products and take advantage of the business rhythms within their industries.


The first phase centered on understanding company and industry dynamics as well as competitor tactics in the B2B space. Elevation Marketing researched the positioning of Turface Athletics and Profile Golf on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and did the same for their competitors.

They sought to understand how, and how well, the two brands were positioning themselves and determine whether they generated interaction via followers, impressions, engagements and web visitors.


Based on the information collected and analyzed during market research, Elevation Marketing determined that both brands would benefit from comprehensive social media strategies that encompassed building out attractive and engaging presence across all primary social media platforms and executing well-paced social media plans rich in imagery as well as content.


Research revealed that Turface Athletics and Profile Golf enjoyed solid engagement on Twitter, but that was not echoed across Facebook and Instagram. Elevation Marketing recommended that both brands establish a social media program that would optimize their pages, incorporate additional content, and promote proactive partner, distributor and customer engagement.

Elevation Marketing also advised the brands to establish influencer programs to increase followership and enhance search engine optimization (SEO) performance. For Instagram, more use-case photography was in order to promote the brands’ products.


Elevation Marketing spun up Profile Golf Facebook and Twitter profiles (both were already in place for Turface Athletics) and developed custom imagery and creative assets for all social media platforms.

Elevation also produced monthly social media calendars that strategically increased the frequency, relevance and regularity of posts, enhanced the posts with associated content and images, and took advantage of brand and industry trends, events and announcements.

With the calendar and assets in hand, Elevation Marketing executed the social media strategy on behalf of Turface Athletics and Profile Golf, distributing a steady stream of posts and associated content and imagery for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The results were phenomenal.


Elevation’s social media strategy, calendar and execution dramatically increased followers, impressions, engagement and web visitors.

The Turface Athletics Facebook page saw growth in all aspects: engagements, link clicks and total fans. On Twitter, strong engagement demonstrated the value of the platform for the brand, with impressive and significant growth in impressions, engagements, link clicks and followers. Instagram engagements and followers also grew with a renewed and re-invigorated presence on the platform.

  • 24% increase in followers
  • 44% increase in impressions
  • 268.3% increase in impressions
  • 74% increase in web visitors

As for Profile Golf, the newly launched Facebook and Twitter sites performed well. The launch of the brand’s Twitter account proved highly valuable, with rapid growth in impressions — 32,100 in the first six months alone — engagements, link clicks and followers. On Facebook, steady progress was made across all key measurements: impressions, engagements, link clicks and fans.

  • 134 new fans
  • 34,800 impressions
  • 1,006 engagements
  • 253% increase in web visitors

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