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How to Make the Best Use of Facebook and Instagram Video Ads in Building Brand Awareness | Doppelherz


Doppelherz Pro Lacto Balance, A Facebook Ad Case Study

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As logic, before deciding to launch or announce about a new product, service, or feature of your business, you have to know how you can build brand awareness, which ways you will depend on – including online and offline ways-, or which online channels you will use in your campaigns.

Second, if you decide to depend on online channels, you must know which social media platform can enable you to reach your goals, in addition to helping you raising brand awareness. These social media platforms could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTub, or Pinterest, so you must be aware of each one’s features, services, and products to harness them in your ad campaigns.

Hence, you have to read this article to learn how to build brand awareness of any of your new services, products, or brands, as through this article, we will showcase a great case study of one of the most popular healthcare brands in Germany. Additionally, in this case study, we will present the brand’s problem, solutions, and final results. as well as how they finally managed to raise campaign awareness for its probiotic digestive supplement.

On this front, it should be mentioned that the German healthcare brand was having a great challenge to market for one of its new products, which was “Doppelherz Pro Lacto Balance” to all its customers around the world. Accordingly, the company marketing team had decided to harness Facebook and Instagram Ads, which are considered to be the most effective social media platform that can help brands and businesses to grow their business and reach their strategies goals.

Then, Facebook and Instagram ads proof their value in building brand awareness, as the German healthcare multinational successfully used Facebook and Instagram video ads to raise campaign awareness for its probiotic digestive supplement by 11 points.

Coming to the Doppelherz story, it should be pointed out that Doppelherz is considered to be one of the biggest German companies, which produce dietary supplements and health products to all people around the world from all ages.

For decades the corporate Queisser company has stood for the preservation and maintenance of health with its nice Doppelherz complete. They have a tendency to support the healthy sense of responsibility exhibited by fashionable, confident customers with an outsized range of dietary supplements and health merchandise.

At the identical time, their competency has unfolded considerably in several health sectors. The Doppelherz complete ab initio became well-known through the Energy Tonic for strengthening the guts and circulation, however, several new merchandises have mature so much on the far side this field of indication within the meanwhile. these days many of us appreciate out standard merchandise for the foremost varied health sectors.

Additionally, their variety of merchandise includes varied dietary supplements, medical merchandise like diet shakes and fat binders furthermore as over-the-counter medicines.

Queisser Pharma is a long-established global healthcare company with headquarters in Germany. It provides a wide selection of food supplements, medical devices, medicines, and cosmetics, including a probiotic supplement to aid digestion called Doppelherz Pro Lacto Balance.

Key Results:

  • 11-point lift in campaign awareness.
  • 35-point lift in ad recall.
  • 9-point lift in purchase preference.
Doppelherz Pro Lacto Balance, A Facebook Ad Case Study

One of the Doppelherz Pro Lacto Balance Campaign Photo

Marketing Agency That Creates The Campaign:

When Doppelherz decided to run social media ad campaigns through the Facebook and Instagram platforms, in order to build effective brand awareness for its new healthcare product “Doppelherz Pro Lacto Balance”, it partnered with two of the most popular marketing agencies in Germany, which are the media agency eProfessional and creative agency Die Verstärker.


They are digital experts, in addition to they are considered to be one of the most experienced digital marketing agencies in Germany with more than 130 experts in Hamburg, we have been one of the top addresses for digital marketing since 1999.

Eprofessional is a partner of strong brands, leading web portals, high-performance web shops, and successful multifilists in Europe. They stand for cross-channel online marketing and best performance.

Die Verstärker:

They are amplifiers, as well as they are considered to be one of the most popular agencies for Food and FMCG.
Since 2011 they look after successful brands with creative communication and high-quality content production. Always nordic direct, uncomplicated and flexible. The agency combines the creativity and flexibility of an advertising agency with extensive industry know-how in the food and FMCG sectors. Its employees not only come from other agencies, but also from the trade and industry.


The campaign’s main goal was to build brand awareness of Doppelherz Pro Lacto Balance. The company wanted to reach existing and potential new customers at the same time.


  • Queisser targeted its Facebook and Instagram campaign to ladies over the age of thirty five in European country. the corporate worked closely with the media agency eProfessional and inventive agency Die Verstärker.
  • The artistic groups developed concepts and a storyboard for the campaign, with facilitate from the Facebook artistic search team to optimize the ads for mobile.
  • The multi-stage campaign ran for four weeks and featured many video ads.
  • The ads communicated the advantages of the Doppelherz professional Lacto Balance supplement in a very blithe means.
  • To measure the impact on complete metrics, Queisser additionally conducted a Facebook complete carry study with reportable action.
  • The study polled an irregular management group—who didn't see the ads—and a bunch of individuals United Nations agency did.
  • The results allowed the corporate to know key metrics, together with ad recall, complete awareness and message association.

Doppelherz, A Facebook Ad Case Study

One of the Doppelherz Pro Lacto Balance Campaign Photo


Queisser’s fun Facebook and Instagram campaign helped to introduce the Doppelherz professional Lacto Balance complete to new and existing customers. Between April 2–May one, 2018, the campaign achieved:

  1. 11-point elevate in campaign awareness.
  2. 35-point elevate in ad recall.
  3. 9-point elevate in purchase preference.

As explained by Tim Simonsen, Head of Digital Marketing at Queisser:

"At Queisser, we learned to think mobile-first for each and every campaign. Our creative focus on video built for mobile proved to be a major success factor. And our strategy paid off—the campaign results for this new product totally exceeded our expectations."

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