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How Vodacom Increases Its New Brand’s Conversions by 61% with Facebook Ads?

Vodacom South Africa, A Facebook Ad Case Study

Vodacom had faced a great challenge on its widely business in South Africa, it had a specific mission with a desire to rebrand its services and change the audience’s image of the company, in addition to being recognized as a digital company and an essential partner for helping people to benefit from new technology and connect with each other. This company’s challenge made it search for effective solutions and test several ways that enable them to reach their objectives.

If you the responsible marketer, what will you do?!

On this front, Vodacom finally had decided to depend on social media platforms’ ad solutions_ especially the Facebook video ads and the Instagram ads_including Photo ads, Video ads, and Core Audiences. As we know, Vodacom is a South African mobile communications company offering voice, data, messaging and converged services. It has over 103 million customers and operates in Tanzania, the DRC, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Kenya. The brand’s stated purpose is “to connect everybody to live a better today and build a better tomorrow”.

Key Results:

  • 11% incremental reach in addition to TV

  • 61% Conversions

  • 1.5X more conversions from Facebook


Vodacom wanted to be seen as a digital company and an essential partner for helping people to benefit from new technology and connect with each other. Its target audience was men and women aged 18–65 in South Africa.


  1. First off, it should be pointed out that Vodacom worked with Facebook video ads and Instagram ads' solutions, in order to achieve good results and reach its mission's goals.
  2. Vodacom had developed a new logo and tagline—“The future is exciting. Ready?”—in line with its parent company Vodafone.
  3. This brand refresh was intended to help the brand attract new customers.
  4. The campaign was delivered across TV, radio, out of home and multiple digital channels, including Facebook and Instagram.
  5. On Facebook and Instagram, Vodacom used video, photo ads, and retargeted ads to people based on previous interactions.
  6. By using broad targeting and ad sequencing, the company was able to achieve its objectives of reach, conversions and in-store sales.


Through the period from October 6–December 31, 2017, Facebook and Instagram ads enables Vodacom to achieve a wide variety of excellent results in driving more incremental reach than all other digital channels, and prove that these two ways were very very effective in the advertising industry around the world. The two platforms help the company to achieve that:

  • 11% incremental reach in addition to TV
  • 61% of conversions (total sales and leads) from all digital platforms came from Facebook
  • 1.5X more conversions from Facebook than all other digital channels combined
  • 4X as much impact as TV on campaign recall with just 40% of TV budget
  • 19% unduplicated digital campaign reach

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