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Increasing Sales with Facebook Video Ads | Mondelēz UAE Case Study

Facebook video ads are on of the best ways to ensure people remember your brand and come back to your site. Video isn’t just trending on Facebook, it’s a strategy that works to engage and convert website visitors. In order to push leads down the funnel in email marketing campaigns, and to fuel engagement across multiple social channels.

In this case study, we’ll examine how Mondelēz achieved a 9.8% sales lift for Light Kraft Cheese and a 6.3% sales lift for Gold Cheese when it ran a video ads campaign in the UAE.

Mondelēz is one of the largest food companies in the world. In 2018, its portfolio included Kraft, which was the largest brand within that category in the Middle East. The Kraft brand is a heritage brand and has been in the local market for over a century. Its wide range of products included canned cheese, slices and spreads, which contribute over 30% of Mondelēz’s revenue.


Mondelēz wanted to boost sales for its cheese brands, but had noticed its video ads had low view-through rates. It wanted to confirm that its ads were driving sales, despite the low view-through rates.


  • Mondelēz developed a series of mobile-optimized videos promoting its range of spreads, including regular Kraft cheese and light cheese jars. 
  • Following Facebook’s best practices for mobile video, the branding was introduced clearly and immediately and the videos featured multiple scenes to keep viewers’ attention. 
  • The campaign targeted women between the ages of 20–50 in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
  • To test the impact of these video ads on business results, Facebook offered Mondelēz a Nielsen Matched Panel Analysis. This type of study tests the sales uplift in one city that is exposed to the ads and compares it to sales in another city that is not exposed to the ads. Because the cities have similar in-store factors, any difference in sales can be attributed primarily to ad exposure.
  • Al Ain and Abu Dhabi were chosen because 70% of their populations are locals from the UAE, and these people also make up the Mondelēz target audience. 
  • The campaign was optimized to reach 70% of the Mondelēz target audience at a frequency of two times per week.

Mondelēz achieved a 9.8% sales lift for Light Kraft Cheese and a 6.3% sales lift for Gold Cheese when it ran a video ads in the UAE


Proving to be an effective tool, the Nielsen Matched Panel Analysis revealed that Mondelēz’s Facebook video ads were making a significant contribution to its sales of Kraft cheeses. Running from October 21–December 2, 2018, the campaign achieved:

  • 9.8% lift in sales for Light Kraft Cheese Jar
  • 6.3% lift in sales in Gold Cheese
  • 72% of target audience reached (at frequency of 2 times per week)

Marilyn B. Clack

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