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Today, Over 87% of companies worldwide believe that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity while a third say it’s a matter of survival. Two-thirds of Global 2000 company CEO’s plan to have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy.

That’ why the Digital Marketing Institute has launched its guide includes the main reasons businesses need to move into the digital world and learn from the mistakes of companies that have fallen in the face of digitization.

Content of the “9 Reasons Your Business Needs to Embrace Digital” Guide:

  • Prove Relevance
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Data backed intelligence
  • Retain (and grow) market share
  • Retain (and hire) valuable staff
  • Capitalize on social selling opportunities
  • Gain a learning advantage
  • Ensure costs decrease
  • Conclusion
Prove Relevance - Digital Marketing Tactic - Kit Kat

An Example of Proving Relevancy: Kit Kat take advantage of the news about the new model of iPhone 6 that is prone to bending.

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  • 15 Pages


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