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Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses mainly on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and finally, to drive profitable customer action.

Content marketing has become a powerful tool for both private and public sector teams. It can inform, educate and engage audiences effectively, and ultimately impact program outcomes.

Figure out a brief of the top 5 tactics of content marketing for the public sector:

  1. Website

  • Use your website as a source of content and a way to encourage people to subscribe to alerts.
  • Add topic-specific relevant to the web pages to increase the number of subscribers. A web overlay can increase the conversion rate by up to 500%.
  • Measure your success by the increase in page views or unique page views over a period of time.
  1. Blog

  • Provide regular, timely and useful content via your blog to be able to connect with people on a personal level.
  • Use list posts or “listicles”. They’re a great way to boost engagement with your blog (ex: “5 books you must borrow from the library this month”).
  • Utilize “Google Keyword Planner” to match the words in your blog header and body copy with what citizens are searching.
  • In addition to page views & unique page views, monitor the time spent on your site or average duration in Google Analytics to measure the success of your blog.
  1. Email Newsletters

  • Personalization is your key to success here. Personalization can help increase click rates from 25 to 30 percent.
  • So, make sure to add relatable imagery, actionable messaging and strong calls to action.
  1. Infographics

  • Infographics can be a great way to present critical and complex information in a visual and accessible way, and can also be shared easily on social media.
  • The infographic conveys the information at the same time as driving an emotional response through the use of emotive imagery and color.
  1. Video

  • Video has a unique ability to tell a story in a direct and personal way, often promoting empathy and a deeper understanding among viewers.
  • The shorter the video, the better. Make sure to produce 2 minutes. This is the sweetest spot.

Content Marketing for the Public Sector, 2017 Granicus


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