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3 Steps to a Winning Consumer Loyalty Strategy | Marketo


Customer loyalty is simply an attitudinal and behavioral tendency to favor one brand over all others, whether due to satisfaction with the product or service, its convenience or performance, or familiarity and comfort.

Loyalty isn’t won in a single transaction or with a loyalty card program. It’s a long-term process with customers by delivering on brand promises and providing amazing service and experiences.

There are 3 simple steps make you get more loyal customers and get more from them:-

Step 1: Identify and segment your most loyal customers:
Assign different metrics to define early-stage loyalty versus later-stage loyalty so you can easily segment your customer base between loyal and non-loyal customers.

Step 2: Build more loyal customers through insights gained:
This loyalty comes in 2 forms, higher rates of purchasing and advocacy from already-loyal customers and additions to the ranks of customers who are considered loyal.

Step 3: Communicate based on who they are and what they do:
Identify any commonalities amongst the groups that can help you communicate with customers in a more personal way so you can tailor communications to your non-loyal customers to guide them toward the behaviors and activities that build loyalty and help nudge them to the next stage of their customer lifecycle.

3 Steps to a Winning Consumer Loyalty Strategy | Marketo

Graph Shows the Advantages of Customer Loyalty Programs


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