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How to Pivot Your Digital Marketing Budget and Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic (and Beyond!) | Act.On

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Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that change is inevitable. COVID-19 has changed the way most organizations do business. Regardless of the industry, you’re working in, you will notice the change.

However, as much as things have changed, much remains the same. After all, marketers must keep marketing.

Without further ado, let’s go through this digital marketing strategy guide.

Pivot Your Event-Heavy Marketing Program:

As we know that the pandemic has impacted every facet of our lives. It is reported that back in 2018, 15% of marketing spend went toward events. Moreover, 21% of marketing spend went toward events in 2019.

Based on this digital marketing strategy guide, if you’re able to recoup your event-based budget, your organization needs to figure out how best to spend these resources.

The Digital Marketing Strategy Guide Amid COVID-19 | DMC

Digital Marketing Strategy: The New Digital Marketing Funnel Design:

There are three simple stages that make up the lead generation funnel and they are: Acquisition, Nurture, Qualification


The Digital Marketing Strategy Guide Amid COVID-19 | DMC

  • When it comes to Acquisition it is important to determine which channels and mediums work best and what each channel represents for your leads.
  • Moreover, nurture depends on where this prospect is in their buying journey. For instance, a prospect might think they have a lead generation problem when the actual problem is a poor use of marketing automation (landing pages, email follows ups, lead scoring, etc).
  • However, as for qualification, it is imperative that you define qualification criteria for evaluating every lead. These criteria should be documented and agreed upon by key stakeholders across other Sales and Marketing.

Make sure to check the full digital marketing strategy guide here.

The Table of Content of “How to Pivot Your Digital Marketing Budget and Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic (and Beyond!) Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Lessons from a pandemic
  • Pivot your event-heavy marketing program
  • Redesign your digital marketing funnel
  • Roles and responsibilities of your new digital marketing funnel
  • Activate leads from marketing automation
  • Acknowledgments
  • Aout act-on and goose digital

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