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Nowadays marketers need to produce a constant flow of new content (videos, ebooks, and webinars) for blog posts and social media updates. This content serves them in many ways. It improves their search engine rankings, drives traffic to their websites and helps to nurture existing leads. But it can’t be just any content. It has to be relevant and remarkable content. Simply, to handle the demands of content creation, marketers have to think like a publisher.

If marketers stop creating new blog content or if they felt panic and start pushing out content that’s a bad fit for their audience, they will turn off a major source of new traffic and leads. So, how do you keep up?

  1. Know your audience:
    • Build your buyer persona.
    • Develop buyer profiles.
  2. Conduct a content audit:
  3. Map content to the buying cycle:
    • Identify your buying cycle (awareness, research/education, comparison/validation and purchase).
    • Map your content.
  4. Create your editorial calendar:
    • Set up your editorial calendar.
    • When to call up your calendar.
  5. 10 tips to create killer content:
    1. Follow industry news.
    2. Monitor social conversations.
    3. Recruit a team of content creators.
    4. Keep a content backlog & style bank.
    5. Repurpose content.
    6. Take your video camera everywhere.
    7. Write annual and “best-of” features.
    8. Conduct original research.
    9. Look beyond your industry & audience.
    10. Keep a list of evergreen content.
  6. Conclusion & additional resources.

Graph Shows the Buying Cycle | Hubspot

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