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Infographic: 12 Proven Techniques That Build Trust in Your Website | Red Website Design

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Trust is the first step towards conversion. If visitors to your site have any doubts about how trustworthy you are, they’ ll bounce right out and never come back. Whether you are just browsing the web or you go online to make purchases, it can be tough to gain people’s trust on your website.

So, building trust in your website is a make or break moment, marketers should make it through the below 12 techniques:

  1. Design: Make sure that your website design is professional and relevant to subject matter.
  2. Navigation: It must be intuitive to make it easy for visitors to find what they want.
  3. Personalization: Give your website its own tone and voice. Put in your mind that people buy people. So, try to use language that builds empathy.
  4. Grammar & Spelling: Be aware of your written words. Errors give the impression of sloppiness and carelessness.
  5. Badges: Use stickers with the main and important information you need to focus on more.
  6. Client Logos: Nothing builds trust as much as your work history. Show off logos of your clients satisfied because that shows you have experience.
  7. Payment Logos: If you’re selling anything via your website, it’ a great thing to add payment logos they recognize.
  8. A Strong “About” Page: Make an “About Us” page in the right way and make sure to add a personal touch.
  9. Show Your Face: People are more likely to trust what you have to say if you are willing to show your face.
  10. Social Proof: Show your social media counts on your website as proof of their success and building authority.
  11. Testimonial: It’s one of the biggest ways to build trust; it attests to the quality of your work.
  12. Useful Information: Provide useful information such as tips, guides, etc. So, visitors will look at your website as a helpful one and come back again for new tips.
Infographic 12 Proven Techniques That Build Trust in Your Website | Red Website Design

12 Proven Techniques That Build Trust in Your Website Guide

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