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Infographic: The 6 Most Important Factors for Choosing Digital Marketing Tools | Kentico

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We live in a multichannel world. Email marketing, organic social media, paid social media, etc. are digital marketing tools. Marketers use various marketing tools, each is specialized in delivering the most advanced tool for a specific feature, and then sync them all.

Figure out the 6 major factors marketers should consider before making their decision while choosing digital marketing tools:

  1. Think carefully if the tool you choose worth the investment and cost.
  2. Choose the tool which would only need to integrate with your existing systems (e.g., CRM or ERP).
  3. Make sure you test a product before committing to it.
  4. Choose just one product which can do maintenance across the board in one go.
  5. Measure out costs for specific features from multiple vendors, and the final cost might be more than you bargained for.
  6. Rely on only one vendor to supply you with tools to make communication paths clearer.

Infographic The 6 Most Important Factors for Choosing Digital Marketing Tools Kentico

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