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Whatever kind of business you work in, great content is at the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Content designed to educate your target market can be helpful to prospective customers well before they are ready to buy. It can build trust by acting as an advisor. Great content can also be used as a “carrot” for attracting inbound leads. But it’s hard to know which topics and themes to focus on and how to make sure the content you invest in is reaching the right audiences.

This eBook will teach you how to use social data to solve those problems to know which topics will resonate within your target market as well as how to be sure that your content marketing is being seen by the people you want to influence.

Killer Content Marketing eBook - How social data can help you build a winning content marketing strategy - Key challenges for content marketers - Sysomos

The Key Challenges for Content Marketers

Content of the “Killer Content Marketing eBook”:

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of a sustainable
  • content marketing program
  • Break through the noise with
  • killer content
  • How to supercharge with social
    • Listen and learn
    • Source and connect
    • Measure and refine
    • Choose the right technology foundation
  • Takeaways

Number of Pages:

  • 21 Pages


  • Free


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