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This year has affected everyone all over the world, and there is a lot to learn, also this year has affected how others have adjusted their work processes and marketing strategies in order to keep up with changing social standards and market needs.

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Business Challenges and Solutions:

In light of COVID-19 and the hard times that everyone goes through, marketers shared their most recent work-life experiences and social media challenges brought on by quarantine.

Here are the identified major challenges:

  • One of the major challenges is adjusting to working remotely. Some people said they need to have a face to face communication with their co-workers, others mentioned that the challenge is having a new schedule while doing their daily activities.
  • The second challenge is the reevaluation of social strategies & budgets.
    “Since the lockdowns, it’s been really nice to see the human unfiltered side behind brands. It’ll be interesting to see whether this continues post-COVID. Similar to brands realizing that their staff can actually work remotely, I expect brands to be more comfortable with creating and
    publishing unedited visual content.” Neil Sheth, Digital Content Strategist
  • Creating social media content is not a peace of cake amid the ongoing events as well, however, you need to make sure your content adds value and is empathetic towards current situations.

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Social Media Marketing: Top Tools to Use

You need to use powerful and innovative tools in order to help you work more effectively and efficiently on the job. Therefore, here are some of the latest tools to help you get the job done.

Content creation tools:

  • Canva: For all design levels
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: For experienced designers.

For social media management (Social media content scheduling, tracking, monitoring, and general management):

  • BuzzSumo, HootSuite, Airtable, and MeetEdgar.

Project management and team collaboration:

  • Best for task management: Trello
  • Best for Collaboration and project management:, Asana.
  • Best for saving, sharing, and collaborating: Dropbox, Box, G Suite (Docs, Drive, etc..)

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The Table of Content of ” A Guide to Social Media Marketing in 2020″

  • Introduction
  • Business Challenges & Solutions
  • Adjusting to Working Remote
    • Reevaluation of Social Strategies & Budgets
    • Reinventing Social Media Content
    • Recommended Tools for Success
  • What Comes Next?
    • Trends – What new social media marketing trends are on the rise?
    • Predictions – What does the future of social media marketing look like?
    • Advice – How can social media marketers prepare for the future?

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