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Do you have an excess of leads but a sales team that is requiring the tools they need to prioritize and nurture them? Or is your marketing team getting great amounts of traffic but needs help optimizing moreover converting website visitors?

This strategic planning kit guide is a full resource in order to help you create a holistic, cohesive strategy that incorporates your company’s values and much more.

Communicate Your Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

According to the marketing planning kit, your mission and vision statements can serve as your North Star aligning all individual goals, when you set out to re-evaluate your goals, team-wide and organization-wide.

A recent study from Mercer analyzing global talent trends found that employees would give up perks like game rooms or nap pods in favor of fulfilling roles with a purpose.

Once you have defined your values, mission, and vision, you can use these overarching themes to create SMART goals for ongoing projects.

The Ultimate Strategic Planning Kit For Businesses 2021 |DMC

Strategic Planning Kit: Allocate your Operating Budget

Based on this strategic planning kit guide, a big part of strategy decisions involve budget.
So, the question is how do you determine which teams should receive resources as you grow and scale?
Another one, at what point does it make sense to heavily invest in longer-term marketing projects that may take time to pay off?

All you need to do is starting and this is by conducting an analysis of past spend and team performance over the past 3-5 years.

Analyze past spend and ROI


  • Understand your buyer’s journey.
  • Onboarding new personnel.
  • Implement tracking to monitor ROI for all upcoming projects and campaigns.


  • Review your previous performance. Track trends during times of the year, within certain markets, regions, and company characteristics.
  • Once you’ve reviewed your past few years’ performances, make sure all teams fully understand your buyer persona and buyer’s journey.

Moreover, according to the strategic planning kit guide, HubSpot conducted research during the COVID-19 crisis and found out that throughout the course of the year, consumer behavior with sales and marketing teams changed quite dramatically.

The Ultimate Strategic Planning Kit For Businesses 2021 |DMC

As you can see, conversations via live chat and sales emails exploded from July through December as consumers adapted to an online buying experience.

 The Table of Content of “Strategic Planning Kit for Businesses ” Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Best practices for strategic planning across your organization
  • Chapter 2; Communicate your mission, vision, values, and goals
  • Chapter 3: Understand your competitive landscape, opportunities, and risks
  • Chapter 4: Allocate your operating budget
  • Chapter 5: Align your departments and promote collaboration
  • Conclusion + resources

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